Happy Halloween week, from Molly B and Me

As we written about before, we love Halloween.

We love the candy, the pageantry, and the food. A confirmed health nut who once cleared our entire house of anything red because she heard red food dye caused cancer, and secretly sprinkled wheat germ on the rest of our food because she heard that wheat germ prevented it, my mother used to serve us witches brew, doughnuts, and sloppy joes for dinner on Halloween.

Then, she sent us out with our dad to collect more goodies. We trick or treated with gusto, and returned to the house with bags full of candy, which Dad sorted with a patented method that left us with a pile of safe candy to eat, and him with his own stash of personal favorites..

While we still honor that tradition in all of our houses, my siblings and I also gather these days for an annual Halloween bash that combines Halloween’s magic with some truly magnificent food.

My sister Kathy, her husband Keith and step-son Traveain took the award for wittiest costume when they showed up dressed as Rock, Paper, Scissors.

My sister Jenny and her daughter dressed as twinsie witches. My nephew Michael came as a happy college kid who had driven seven hours to make it to the brunch. That may have been the best look of all.

Welcome to Halloween week we hope it brings you laughter, fun, magic and a big pile of safe candy.

Gloria Steinem and me
Gloria Steinem and the Cat in the Hat.
Rock Paper Scissors
Rock, Paper, Scissors. Very clever.
Grandma Peggy and many of her grandchildren (We missed you Charlie, Katherine and Vinnie)
Grandma Peggy and many of her grandchildren (We missed you Charlie, Katherine and Vinnie).
Hannah and Erin
Hannah and her cousin Erin.
Kathy and Gloria Steinem
My sister Kathy took a picture of Molly/the ageless Gloria Steinem. We digested all our Halloween goodies while watching the very interesting Gloria Steinem interview on OWN last night. Check out Super Soul Sundays on OWN. It’s quite a treat.
My brother and his gorgeous family.
Northshore adult dessert table
And, speaking of gorgeous, this was the adult dessert table. Molly and I took a very disciplined approach and shared three of them.
Northshore kids dessert table
The kids dessert table included lots of whimsy.
Northshore Halloween Brunch
The room looked spectacular.
Scarecrow Livvie
My sweet niece Olivia.
Two witches
Twinsie witches.

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