Sweets and sweeties, what’s not to love about Halloween?

Magic, mystery, chocolate, creativity, laughter, cute children, game parents, what’s not to love about Halloween?

I’m a lifelong lover of this Celtic Harvest celebration (thank you to my well-read librarian friend Nelda for that information). Courtesy of a fun-loving dad who liked to carve pumpkins and a health-conscience mom who broke form to serve sloppy joes, witches brew and jelly doughnuts every Halloween, I’ve enjoyed Halloween since I was old enough to clutch a candy bar.

I still love it.

Blink in our neighborhood and transport yourself back to the 1960s, children scampering from house to house, parents chatting in the street and Connie the Cookie Lady observing it all from her front porch perch on her well-dressed corner house.

Connie is 87-years old now, and still a twinkle-eyed gremlin, decorating every corner of her house and lawn for a day that combines sweets and sweeties, her two favorite things.

Another tradition in our neighborhood happens across the street and half a block down. There my childhood friend Carol hosts a take-all-comers party, with full-sized candy bars for the little ones and adult treats for the parents.

She also goes all out with the decorations and the general merriment. Between Connie on one end and Carol on the other, our neighborhood draws a lot of families, even on a rainy Halloween night.

“Sorry about the weather,” I said to an adorable Merida, heroine of Brave and all out cutie pie who trick or treated at our house last night with her mom.

“It happens,” she said with her three-year old lisp.

From our little rainy but festive corner of the world, Happy Halloween from Molly B and Me!

Carol at the door of her house
This is my childhood friend Carol’s house, well-known for its Halloween treats. That’s her welcoming guests at the front door.
Connie Loescher, Jenna and Princess Erin
We surprised Connie the Cookie Lady on Sunday morning because my niece Erin wanted to model her princess costume. Connie was a little miffed at me for taking pictures of her in her jammies, but a more regal jammied woman you have never seen. She had matching pink leg warmers!
Connies House
Connie the Cookie Lady’s house all dressed up for Halloween.
Erin and Hannah
I can’t seem to stop taking pictures of my niece Erin, posing here with another of my adorable nieces, her cousin Hannah.
We had our annual pre-Halloween bash. Here is Grandma (check out the butterfly wings) with a bunch of her grandkids.
We had our annual pre-Halloween bash. Here is Grandma (check out the butterfly wings) with a bunch of her grandkids.
Trick or treaters
What’s a little rain on one of the coolest holidays of the year? Check out these cuties.
Mike and Olivia
Another cute niece who can’t take a bad picture. Here’s Olivia, dressed as a nerd, giving her dad a Halloween hug.

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  1. Loved your post. it made me feel so warm. I too love Halloween. What great photos too. I especially liked the cute little houses decorated and the kids with the colorful umbrellas. thanks!

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