The Greatest Kids Camp in the World (a guest post by Erin)

Note: My niece Erin (a brand new eight-year old) just returned from The Greatest Kids Camp in the World, run by my sister’s friends Dave and Missy. Though she’s exhausted, Erin graciously agreed to guest blog about her three-day adventure. Here is her story:

My mom drove me to Perkins. We were very late. We had lots of traffic and detours. Once I got to the restaurant they told Mommy she could leave. I got to order anything I wanted. I had chocolate chip pancakes.

Then we drove to the cabin and started the challenges. There were lots of challenges: the cup challenge, the rope challenge, Jeopardy and the tube challenge — that’s the one we did first. We made tube towers. You had to climb up the tube tower and, while you were up there, other people could throw inner tubes at you. If you got hit with a tube you were out. We started out with teams of three, then two, then one. I won because I stayed on a blue tube and blocked the shots with my foot. If you stay sitting down it’s a lot harder for them to hit you.

Then we had a rope challenge. You had to hold onto a rope and you couldn’t let go of it, but you had to tie it in a knot in the middle. You had to tie your hands into the biggest knot possible and then you had to untie them. Nobody won the rope challenge.

Then we did the bottle challenge, which was impossible. You had to blow a pen cap through an empty bottle, but you can only do that when the pen cap is facing you. That’s the trick. Don’t tell anybody the secret.

Then we had lunch. I had grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese and a piece of cheese.

After lunch we played more games on the tube tower.

Then we took a trail ride through the woods, only we were sitting on tubes. We all had to wear shoes because there is a secret passage we like to explore. It was so cool. There was a corn field that we picked corn from. While we were riding along we just stuck our hands out and we picked corn. Nobody got any real corn though.

Then all the parents came and we had a bon fire, and then we had dinner.

We went on another trailer ride in the pitch dark with headlights and flashlights. We turned them off though and we couldn’t see anything at all because it was like a big, black hole. Then Dave turned off his backlights so we couldn’t see anything. I wasn’t scared at all.

Then we went through the secret passageway in the dark. Then we went down a big hill and it felt like the people in the back were going to fall off.

Then we went back to the campfire and we had popcorn and pudgy pies. I had a Nutella pudgy pie. It was so good! Then we did sparklers.

Then we went to bed.

The next day the grandparents came. We went in “The Mom,” which was really fun. Missy was a human bridge so we didn’t even have to get wet if we didn’t want to.

Then the dog bit “the Mom.”

Then we went on a trailer ride with some of the grandparents and moms and dads. It wasn’t as fun because the moms didn’t let us stick our hands out.

Then we went back to the cabin and had lunch.

And then we did another challenge. We had to run around with whole cabin with tubes and we couldn’t touch the grass. You had two tubes and, while you were on one, you had to pick up the other one and throw it over you to move on.

Then we did Jeopardy and had dinner.

Then we left.

It was one of my favorite weekends of the year.

Erin II
Guess who won one of the inner tube challenges?
Kids Farm IV
We called this “the Mom” because we read it upside down at first. Really it’s a WOW human treadmill. We used it one the river. It was really cool.
Activities IV
That’s Dave letting me climb on his back. He and Missy run the camp every year.
Activities I
We had a lot of fun in the Mom.
Erin I
You can go all the way up the river in it.
Activities III
We had lunch in the inner tubes.
Erin III
We made giant tube towers
Kids Farm I
We had some indoor challenges too
Kids Farm II
When the grandparents came, we played Jeopardy.
Kids Farm III
We even had score cards. If we were scoring Kid Farm weekend, I’d give it a 10 out of 10.

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  1. Thanks for allowing the guest post! If Erin thought kid’s camp was a 10, then Dave and I thought it was a 12. Is it too soon to think about next year?

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