Relay for Life Round 2 — the Laughter Lap

Thanks to a creative group of high school planners, a bunch of game teammates and a resilient captain, our second Relay for Life turned out to be the laughter lap.

Green-shirted teen-aged volunteers flitted all over Menomonee Falls High School, undaunted by threatening storms. They wisely voted to move the event indoors and never missed a beat.

With a maturity that belied their age, and energy that confirmed it, they put together an event that both honored and amused survivors.

Light-hearted events like a frozen T-shirt contest and double-elimination cupcake eating tournament provided welcome balance against the scary weight of cancer. Throughout the extremely well-run evening our young hosts kept us hopping. The walking route wound through an ultimate Frisbee game, musical chairs, a giant twister game and Limbo Lap. We jumped into a giant Zumba lesson and saw an impressive amount of girls donating their beautiful hair for Locks of Love.

Meanwhile, the planning team worked the rooms, taking pictures, registering participants, wrangling babies, coaching cupcake eaters, and hawking raffle tickets.

Imagine the difficulty of hosting an event that sustains interest for six hours, honors cancer survivors and celebrates their stories, memorializes loved ones, raises money for cancer research and creates a transcendent atmosphere of  joy. That’s what this group accomplished last Friday night.

Consider this post a letter of recommendation for each member for the Menomonee Falls Relay for Life team.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you all cook up for next year.

Relay for life planning team
The planners deserved a victory lap, so I’m giving them a virtual one now. Hip hip hooray! (Photo courtesy Taylor Clinton, Menomonee Falls High School)
Relay for life round 2
Round Two turned out to be the laughter lap for Team Kathy (AKA “Finleys Never Quit).
Relay for life team kathy
Revving up before the big walk.
Relay for life survivors
The survivors get the cutest shirts.
Relay for Life Kathy and her caregivers
The caregivers met the survivors halfway through the first lap.
Relay for Life Kathy and me
My sister and me.
Relay for life Zumba
Team Kathy liked the Zumba lesson.
Relay for life locks of love
The Locks of Love booth was busy all night. There will be some beautiful wigs, thanks to this event.
Relay for life two walkers
I thought these two walkers were adorable.
Relay for life Frozen T shirt contest
The frozen T-shirt contest was cool (see what I did there?) Kathy is trying to help this team loosen up its frozen shirt. The first team to have a member wear a frozen T-shirt wins. Very clever.
Relay for Life Kathy and Grandma
Kathy and Grandma Peggy.
Relay for life Katherine and Kathy
Katherine and Kathryn with a photo bomb by Grandma Peggy.
Relay for life cupcake
Vinnie won the cupcake eating contest by swallowing his cupcake whole. He was a little embarrassed at how quickly he won, so he fake-chewed for a while. Hilarious.
Relay for life cupcake winner
What? Me? I won? (He knew one bite in that he had locked that baby in).
Relay for life Kathy and Vinnie
Kathy and the Cupcake King.


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  1. Not only was I on the organizing committee for Relay For Life in Kerr County TX, but I also organized the first in Texas Bark For Life canine fund raiser for Relay and chaired four.

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