Happy Halloween from Molly and Me

The Great Pumpkin will rise over the decorative patch in our neighbor the Cookie Lady’s yard tonight. He will cast a glow over all the sweet little children running house to house to collect more candy than they ever will eat.

He’ll give the jack o-lantern nod to his fellow pumpkins that stand sentry on front porches this time of year, and pause, as he does annually, to ponder whatever Molly has carved. This year she decided to carve a cactus, which didn’t go quite as smoothly as she had anticipated.

Situated as it is on the edge of a large city park and decorated naturally with creaky tree branches and wandering cats, our street hosts Halloween easily. Fall leaves whisper from the ground and porch lights blink a cheerful welcome in the air. We trick or treat old school here in our little corner of the world, on Halloween and mostly at night.

Until she discovered it was illegally long, one of our neighbors answered the door on Halloween with her son’s boa constrictor wrapped around her shoulders, a charming tradition that combined herpetology lessons with spooky theatricality.

We’re prepared for the chilliness forecast for tonight. Midwestern trick or treaters sport clever costumes that fit over their thick coats and warm boots. I used to enjoy escorting my own little human crayons and Big Birds around the neighborhood on Halloween, nodding to other parental escorts and pocketing extra peanut butter cups to sustain me en route.

Happy Halloween, from Molly and Me (and God bless everyone recovering from Hurricane Sandy).

I like to take pictures of the Cookie Lady’s house seasonally because she goes all out. Also, I’m pretty sure the Great Pumpkin lives here.
I found this picture of Molly from several years ago when she dressed as a mad scientist.
Molly and her friend David carved a tuxedoed Jack O’Lantern this year…
…followed by their heroic attempt to carve a cactus. Since she carved red and green peppers in honor of her grandfather in 2008, Molly has enjoyed a good Jack O’Lantern challenge.
How great is this? Our Cookie Lady leaves canned goods for the Scout’s Canned Food Drive and fresh cookies for the scouts. The note on the cookies reads “Eat These Now”
Her Halloween Hearth
The table is always set seasonally and guests are always welcome at the Cookie Lady’s house.

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