A picture perfect Halloween

A picture perfect Halloween

Halloween blew briskly down our street this year and threatened to send our little trick-or-treaters home early. But, we're made of sterner stuff here in Wisconsin and we love our holidays, our chocolate and our friends. The Erb Park neighborhood did not disappoint last night. Wobbly toddlers in fuzzy costumes, cheerful chaperones, happy bands of [...]

A sweet kickoff to one of our favorite weeks of the year

We kicked off one of our favorite weeks of the year with 27 Elsa-of-varying-age sightings, four kinds of cooked pumpkins seeds, three jack o'lanterns, two giant meals and one pretty peacock. Our love of Halloween, well-documented here on this blog, spans generations and shows no signs of abating. Six days before the actual event, we [...]

A full circle celebration, Halfway to Halloween

Born in the isolation of a Northfield, Minnesota winter, Halfway to Halloween rapidly grew into a global phenomenon, at least in the mind of its founder, Charlie Biskupic. He should have been writing a term paper on that fateful day in 2007. Instead, he invented a holiday. "It had been a long winter," he said. [...]