The sweetest day of the year

I love today.

I look forward to it every year and so does most of my neighborhood. Our trees roll out their red and gold carpet, our black birds pretend they’re ravens, our squirrels chatter with excitement and our raccoons lay low.

Our pumpkins become Jack O’Lanterns and grin or glower, depending on their artists’ mood, our front doors swing open and, best of all, our neighborhood children come out to play.

I love the whimsy and magic of Halloween, the costumes, the giggles, the glee. I love small pudgy hands reaching toward big bowls of candy and the parental admonishment to be polite.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you!”

I love roving packs of older kids wondering at first and then learning with relief that no one is ever too old to dress up for Halloween.

I love the candy.

I spend most of Halloween at my front door, admiring costumes and handing out candy, though I try every year to sneak down to my friend Carol’s to see what she’s cooked up for the holiday. Carol hands out theme drinks to the adults and full-sized candy bars to the children and I’m pretty sure she’s the reason our neighborhood gets so many trick or treaters each year.

The forecast is excellent this year so we’re expecting a big crowd. I can’t wait.

Happy Halloween! I hope it’s just as sweet in your neck of the woods.

I love this little house just up the street from ours. Its owner celebrates every holiday thoroughly and with impressive creativity.
Giant ghosts, a yard full of pumpkins and dancing Jack O’Lanterns.
This is my neighbor Carol’s Halloween house by day.
How cute is this front yard display I spotted a couple of blocks from my house?
It all looks even cooler at night.
This is the most dramatic display in the neighborhood. There are cool details in every corner.
I especially like the ghosts peaking out of the window here.
Ghosts swoop across this display.
How cool/spooky is this window?!!
I’ve loved every Halloween, but my favorites were the years these little goblins crowded my porch.


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