On words and their impact

My father in-law understood the impact of language.

A husband, father, grandfather, attorney and Scrabble savant, he selected words precisely, like instruments on a surgical tray, and recognized their power to both slice and soothe.

He valued intelligent debate, jotted thoughts on lined yellow paper, and sent notes clipped to relevant newspaper articles.

At one point he gave all the adult members of his family, including sons, daughters, spouses and grandchildren, the book “30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary,” and he gave all the children in the family the book, “The Man Who Loved Words.”

He wanted us all to enrich our lives with the currency of words; not just to accumulate them, but to dole them out with care.

The world has changed dramatically in the ten years since he passed away, but his lessons live on.

Words matter. Characters do too.

They can inspire or incite, educate or offend.

There are a quarter of a million words in the English Language, according to the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, and more born every day.

Let’s choose ours with care and then let’s deliver them with the intent of real conversation.

Let’s listen, consider, learn and respond.

Let’s view language as a gift instead of a weapon.

And let’s start today.


A wiz with words, Grandpa Vince encouraged us all to be careful, to play fairly, win or lose with grace, learn, laugh, and love.
Thanks to Grandpa Vince, we have a good supply of sources to improve our vocabulary, and the inspiration to use those words with care.





10 thoughts on “On words and their impact

  1. I too am here via Judy’s blog and so glad I came. I wish your Grandpa Vince were here and would run for office. How we need people with a real vocabulary!

    1. Yes! And some manners too! (Speaking of which, thanks for stopping by. It was so nice of Judy to share my post)

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