52 reasons Wisconsin is the greatest state in the Union

Molly and I paused for a moment on a quick trip to our cabin last Sunday.

Top down on the Bug, hair blowing in the refreshing summer breeze, trunk full of fresh vegetables we’d purchased from a road side stand, we chewed squeaky cheese curds and nodded in happy accord.

“Wisconsin is the greatest state in the union,” we said.

Here are 52 reasons we know you agree:

  1. Seasons. We have five, which keeps us hopping. We’re on the cusp Wisconsin’s most precious season, with an eye on its most beautiful. With the possible exception of a few weeks in March, we love them all. Confused? We’ll help you count. There’s Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Packer season.
  2. Cheese curds. We’re not talking about the deep-fried kind that you can get in any greasy spoon. We’re talking fresh from the whey cheese curds that squeak when you eat them. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Come to Wisconsin and give ’em a whirl.
  3. Lakes. There are more than 15,000 lakes in Wisconsin, according to the DNR. We recommend you park yourself on the shore of one this weekend and relax.
  4. Up North. Sounds vague, no? But, here in Wisconsin we all know what it means. Up North is as much a geographic region as a state of mind. We go Up North on weekends to relax.
  5. Fests. You want to celebrate something, pick your weekend. We’ve got Summerfest, Polkafest, Germanfest, Oktoberfest, Festa Italiana, and more. Eat. Drink. Listen to good music. Relax.
  6. Supper Clubs. If anything symbolized Wisconsin’s take all comers attitude it’s the Supper Club, which requires no membership at all, though you may want a reservation. Great food in a relaxing atmosphere and, if you time it right…
  7. Double Bubble. These are the magic hours during which Wisconsin bar tenders pour their super low-priced drinks at a two-for-one pace. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax and sip Wisconsin’s classic cocktail…
  8. Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet. For the love of all things brandy, don’t try to order this drink anywhere else. Wisconsin bartenders can make it in their sleep.
  9. Neighbors. We know ’em, we love ’em and we’ll introduce them to you. Wisconsin is the neighborliest state.
  10. Kohler. That’s right. That high quality toilet you’re flushing came from Wisconsin.
  11. Brats. We don’t raise them here, we grill them. And they’re delicious.
  12. Aaron Rodgers, naturally. He told us all to relax and then he led us to a fourth consecutive division title.
  13. EAA. In a country that values innovation, the Experimental Aircraft Association shines. And, speaking of innovation…
  14. Kwik Trip. Gas stations on steroids.
  15. Bart Starr. Pure class.
  16. Cranberries.
  17. Lambeau Field. The best NFL stadium in the country
  18. Door County — on both sides of the peninsula.
  19. Politics. We’re feisty about our opinions here and we have a voice.
  20. The University of Wisconsin.
  21. American Players Theatre, Peninsula Players, Door County Shakespeare and any other outdoor theatre in Wisconsin I may have failed to mention.
  22. Whistling Straits.
  23. Rivers. We have 26,000 miles of them and they’re full of…
  24. Fish. Taste our pan fried walleye and you’ll never want to leave.
  25. Harley Davidson. The greatest motorcycle in the world.
  26. The Badger Band. When you say Wisconsin. You’ve said it all.
  27. Fundamentally Sound. Google them. They’re great. And I’m not just saying that because my son sang with them.
  28. Loons. Mercer is the Loon Capital of the World
  29. Forward. It’s our motto and our attitude.
  30. Georgia O’Keefe. Born in Sun Prairie, raised on a dairy farm.
  31. Bob Uecker. He’s always entertaining, even when the Brewers aren’t doing so well.
  32. Fish boils.
  33. The Wisconsin Great River Road. At sunset. In Autumn.
  34. Minocqua. I found it charming in the winter and can’t wait to visit during summer.
  35. The Apostle Islands
  36. Ringling Theatre in Baraboo
  37. Kringles. They’re a light and flaky pastry baked in a life affirming circle. I recommend the almond.
  38. Wisconsin Dells. Ride a duck and soak in the beautiful scenery.
  39. Noah’s Ark. Home of the world’s largest water park.
  40. The Birkebeiner. It’s the largest and longest cross-country ski race in the country and it runs from Cable to Hayward Wisconsin.
  41. New Glarus. The 17th largest craft brewery in the country and you can only get Spotted Cow in Wisconsin.
  42. #WisconsinCasual. It’s a fashion statement and a way of life.
  43. Mile of Music. I think I’ve written about this songwriters music festival enough. Be there for Mile 4.
  44. Frank Kaminsky.
  45. Lavender Fields. Head to Washington Island for Lavender Fest and see how beautiful and tasty these flowers can be.
  46. Wilmar’s Candy. C’mon. Where else can you build your own gourmet candy bar?
  47. American Girl Dolls. Headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin. You’re welcome Grandmas everywhere.
  48. The Green Bay Packers. They’re the only publicly owned professional sports franchise. Hear that? They’re ours.
  49. Butter burgers.
  50. Honey crisp apples.
  51. (I almost forgot. Ha ha). Wausau is the Ginseng Capital of the world.
  52. Clay Matthews. Enough said.
Relax I'm from Wisconsin
Relax, man. We’re from Wisconsin.
Frozen Tundra...Giants at Lambeau 2007
The Frozen Tundra will warm your heart.
You're in Packers Country
They’re ours.
Chasing the sun 081
There’s really nothing more beautiful than autumn in Wisconsin.
We had to pick up a fresh bag of cheese curds for research purposes, don't you know. We can report that they still offer squeaky, delicious fun.
We had to pick up a fresh bag of cheese curds for research purposes, don’t you know. We can report that they still offer squeaky, delicious fun.
The River
There’s nothing better than a lazy float down a Wisconsin river.
Green Lake
Or, a boat ride on a gorgeous lake.
Molly with an apple in her mouth
Honey Crisp Apple season is right around the corner
Badger pregame
Game day in Wisconsin.
Badger game 2014 095-1-2
When you say Wisconsin. You’ve said it all.

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