Happy 17th birthday Molly B from Me

Today Molly turns 17-years old, requiring both an edit to our blog “about us” description and a shift in my thinking.

In eight days she will begin her senior year of high school. As she is our youngest, that means all of her lasts will be our lasts too.

I prepared to be devastated by this thought. We’ve been high school parents for 14 years.

Then I started listing the lasts.

Last time shopping for a Homecoming dress. Sad, right? Not here. Molly and I have never once shopped for a Homecoming dress. She borrowed her first from our friend, ordered her second from an interesting lady she found online who prints Van Gogh paintings on fabric, and borrowed her third Homecoming dress from me. She already has her dress for Homecoming this year. She’s borrowing it from me.

“Why would I buy a dress when there’s a perfectly good one hanging in your closet?” she said when I proposed the idea of a shopping trip. “Aren’t you glad we’re the same size?”

Last time buying school supplies. We don’t do that either. Molly used the same backpack from first grade through eighth. She only replaced it for high school because I insisted, and then her aunt sent her a cool one for a birthday gift. She’ll probably use that one through college.

Last time making her a first day of school breakfast. Please. Molly whips herself up a breakfast so enviable I could not hope to compete. Neither her father nor I drink coffee, but we love the smell of the to-go coffee Molly french presses for herself on school mornings.

Last time taking the traditional jumping off the front porch first day of school picture. This one I refuse to think about. Are you kidding me? I’ve taken jumping off the porch pictures every year since 1992. Next year, I fear I’ll wander out to my empty stoop like a crazy woman, asking random children to jump off my porch on their way to school.

Last time …

I’ve already had enough of this game and today is for celebration. Happy birthday to my frugal friend, a beautiful young woman with strong convictions, a solid sense of style and a fascinating brain.

You’re going to have an amazing year.

I like this picture of Molly in front of the word rental because it’s a good reminder that these beautiful people are only with us for a short time. We need to enjoy them while we have them and then share them with the world. (photo credit McKenzie Images)
But she looks a little serious in that photo, so I’m adding this one too. Happy birthday Molly! (photo credit McKenzie Images)

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