The sweet taste of victory

If you’re looking for a place to take out-of-town guests that doesn’t involve beer, brats or cheese, hustle on over to Wilmar’s Chocolates.

The corner candy store smells like a holiday and looks like a Christmas Village collectible. You don’t even have to buy anything to taste the house specialties, hand dipped truffles in various flavors of the day. Step inside and friendly workers offer you a sample from a lace doily covered tray.

The real lure of the candy store for us, though, sits quietly through the back hallway in the shiny kitchen showroom.

This past weekend we wandered up to the glass counter and there our casual Saturday took a turn for the cutthroat.

Did you know you could make your own candy bar? Did you know doing so would stir up competitive juices so fierce they would inspire you to trash talk new friends and beloved kin?

It happened to us Saturday and, while only one of us is basking in the glow of actual victory, we both still maintain a state of bon-bon bliss.

Five of us created candy bars at the store’s innovative little “Build Your Own Bar.” Molly went way outside with her Indian inspired semi-sweet chocolate bar. Aunt Elaine built a cheerful Christmas Candy Cane bar and newest outlaw Chip put together a Florida themed orange peel and chocolate treat.

I tucked a little sunshine in a milk chocolate masterpiece and Chris tripled up on the chocolate with a white chocolate, Oreo, and milk chocolate bar.

That evening, in a blind taste test judged by the honorable Vince, I won.

The victory tasted as sweet as the candy bar.

We spied these beauties when we first walked in. On a normal Saturday, chocolate covered pretzels would have been a perfect treat. But we stepped it up a notched this past weekend for our Florida guests.
I like to think the Candyman inspired this winning combination. I took a sunrise (dried apricots), sprinkled it with dew (almonds), covered it with chocolate and a miracle or two (toffee chips.) The Candylaura can. The Candylaura can ’cause she adds a lot of love to make it all taste good.
Here are the proud contestants just before the throwdown. Really, it was anyone’s game.
Just think of the possibilities! We now live in a world with smartphones, satellite radio and a sweet little store where we can all make our own brand of candy bar.
Molly added banana chips, peanut butter chips, toffee chunks, cashews, sweet curry, and sea salt to a semi sweet bar.
Just a quick little shot of me and my winning candy bar.

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