A midsummer’s play performed just As You Like It

For the past several years we’ve been spending our summers with the Bard.

Through the magic of Shakespeare and the genius of Appleton North theater director Ron Parker we’ve celebrated our Midsummers with naughty sprites, doomed lovers and evil kings.

Molly was just five-years old when she played Young Miranda in the Tempest. This summer, she became the fourth consecutive high school Summer Shakespeare student in our family.

So thorough is their education, so profound their appreciation for Shakespeare that I often wonder how many of these students go on to pursue a career in this highly specialized field. I think there must be several. I know for sure there is one.

We saw Katherine play Celia in Door County Shakespeare’s As You Like It last Friday. Directed by University of Wisconsin theater professor Norma Salvidar and set against a backdrop of the beautiful Door County woods, the play charmed us.

We loved the pace and the creative staging that placed the action in the 1920s, complete with that era’s music. We thought Angela Iannone offered a commanding presence as both Duke Frederick and Duke Senior and we appreciated the bold casting choice that allowed her to play such pivotal male roles.

The whole cast kept us thoroughly entertained, though, of course, it was a special thrill to see Katherine playing such a winsome, funny character.

We came to the theater packing siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and we left with a bunch of confirmed Shakespeare fans.

The show runs through August 12 and is performed on Sunday through Tuesday, and Friday nights at 7:30.

We highly recommend that you make your way to Door County Shakespeare on the grounds of Bjorklunden near Bailey’s Harbor this summer. Check out their website for more information!

And head over to Appleton North to catch this season’s Summer Shakespeare performance of A Winter’s Tale from Wednesday, July 25 through Saturday July 28.

It’s nice to know that 400 years after he died, William Shakespeare continues to be honored by gifted directors, talented professional and eager students.

With its super charming entrance, Door County Shakespeare is the perfect place to celebrate the Bard.
Most of our family members sat in the Queen’s Box.
Katherine (Celia) and her boyfriend Santiago (Oliver) took a moment to chat with us after the show.
Katherine, whose middle name is Cecilia, has been a dramatic storyteller since she first learned to talk.
Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better setting for a summer evening of theater.
Three of the four Biskupics had roles in Summer Shakespeare’s 2004 production of the Tempest.
Katherine as Miranda in 2004 listened to her director’s notes intently.
Molly played Young Miranda to Katherine’s Miranda in 2004.
Five years ago, Vinnie played Mercutio in Summer Shakespeare’s 20 Season of the Bard.

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