Livin’ la Vida Polka

The weather conditions could not have been better for us to introduce our two youngest children to the magic of Pulaski Polka Days.

A booyah breeze wafted over us as we took our customary place in front of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church. Chubby babies meandered, proud veterans represented, and then, with celebratory regularity, polka bands sounded their glorious um pah pahs.

We admired the babies, saluted the veterans and tapped our toes to the passing bands.

Then, we made our way east along with the parade. This strategy, culled from three studied years, allowed us to arrive at the Polka Day grounds well ahead of the crowds.

We found a shaded picnic table, gathered a healthy supply of pieroghis, halubkis, polish sausages and pork dumplings, and merrily feasted.
Appropriately carbo loaded, we hit the dance floor just as the parade wrapped up.

Then, I danced with my husband while my son danced with my daughter, and then I danced with my son while my husband danced with my daughter, and then I danced with my daughter while my son and my husband…watched.

Rimmed with spectator chairs, the tented venues might be intimidating at first glance. But, get a load of the Biskupic family hoofing it up, and a bunch of other amateurs mingling with some very impressive polka dancers, and you’ll see that the beauty of Pulaski Polka Days is its take all comers attitude.

Go for the music, stay for the dancing, and linger for the really delicious food.

If you have not been there, put Pulaski Polka Days on your list of must see Wisconsin events.

We’ll see you next year.

Cute parade fan
How cute is this little parade goer?
Bleacher seats
Check out the rooftop seating.
Welcome to Pulaski Polka Days
Welcome to Polka Days
Honor Guard
We saluted veterans.
Purple Hearts
Including these Purple Heart recipients.
and this sailor carrying the POW/MIA flag.
Vietnam Vet
and these Vietnam veterans.
Middle school band
We loved the Pulaski Middle School band.
Pulaski Middle School band
The Pulaski band program is thriving. Here’s another middle school band shot.
Pulskia band baritone
And them came the high schoolers. Very impressive.
Pulaski Band trumpets
It’s worth a trip just to see them march.
Polka family band
But, we came for the polka bands.
Polka Selfie
and there were plenty of those. This guy is taking a selfie while he sings, quite a multi-tasker.
Raggedy Ann
A vintage cyclist.
Molly and Vince
And then we got down to the serious business of dancing. Here are Vince and Molly.
Me and Vinnie
and Vinnie and me.
Vince and me
I danced with Vince.
Vinnie and me
and with Vinnie again.
Molly and Vince in
A peppy Father/daughter dance.
And Vinnie scored this very appropriate T-shirt. All in all, we had a great time. We can’t wait for next year,

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