Friday night lights, camera, comedy!

We enjoyed a rare opportunity to see the oldest and the youngest Kostelnik granddaughters perform Friday in Chicago in separate shows that shared twin themes of sweet laughter and sassy fun.

My eight-year old niece Erin capped off her summer theatre camp experience by playing the Abominable Snowman in the cutest production of Frozen we’ve seen. (And Disney set that bar pretty high, no?)

With a hand-painted backdrop, homemade costumes and a cast of seven girls of varying tooth gap degrees, the show featured choreographed dances and dramatic prose. Mostly, said the Emerald City Theatre Director, they worked on teamwork.

Teamwork also featured prominently in Pure and Weary’s sketch comedy show “Nerd Alert” at the Annoyance Theatre.

The 45-minute set featured a lively contemporary musical debate – Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, a jolly romp through Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, a Shakespearean dissection of text messaging, among many other nerdy riffs.

The whip smart comedy is the perfect kickoff to a summer weekend. Nerd Alert runs on Friday evenings through July. With $6 tickets and available “Atomic Wedgie” drinks, we think it’s the bargain of the summer.

Frozen Nerd Alert 020
I think the abominable snowman spotted me.
Frozen Nerd Alert 031
They were missing a few teeth, but they never missed a beat.
Frozen Nerd Alert 073
Frozen Nerd Alert 052
So cute!
Frozen Nerd Alert 095
Ladies and Gentleman,meet the latest cast of Frozen.
Frozen Nerd Alert 111
The abominable snowman and her mother.
Frozen Nerd Alert 104
The oldest and youngest Kostelnik granddaughters
Frozen Nerd Alert 118
Nerd Alert! Charlie and his Grandma Peggy
Frozen Nerd Alert 120
Nerds in the audience
Frozen Nerd Alert 160
Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter?
Frozen Nerd Alert 239
Tickets are available now through the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago.
Frozen Nerd Alert 224
Pure and
Frozen Nerd Alert 221

Frozen Nerd Alert 196

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