10 things I vow to do before the summer ends

I missed the summer solstice this year, worn out by all the activities made possible by that day.

Also, I’m old.

In a perfect world, we’d have celebrated with reckless abandon, dancing around a roaring fire and toasting the moon.

In my world, I jammied up in daylight, tucked myself in, watched a little Cutthroat Kitchen and fell asleep.

Woo hoo!

I woke up panicked a little that I had missed all the fun. I mean, we wait all year for this season and I’d slept through the best hours of its longest day.


So, with the painful realization that each day going forward will be shorter than the last, (and reasonable accommodation for my advanced years) here are 10 things I vow to do before summer ends:

1) Pick a fresh berry and eat it right there in the field.

2) Ride a roller coaster.

3) Swim in a lake.

4) Sit on a lawn chair and watch the sun set.

5) Take a flashlight hike through the woods.

6) Spend the day at Summerfest.

7) Watch an outdoor movie.

8) Play a little driveway basketball.

9) Roast something in a campfire that isn’t a marshmallow.

10) Host a picnic lunch

Whose with me?

Sidewalk art (2)
This summer, I vow to meet the cheerful artists who leave their work on the sidewalk near the railroad tracks by the fire station in town.
And I intend to enjoy the beautiful colors around me as well, thanks to this sweet message.
Asparagus and salmon
I’m going to dine al fresco as often as I can.
Red hat
And, before summer ends, I’d love to track down the owner of this random red cowboy hat I saw perched on rock in the woods.
Orange boat
And, I want to know the story of this orange boat marooned on an unlikely river shore.
Orange boat under the bridge
I want to know how it got there, pinned, as it is, between an iron fence and a rocky shore.
Six dogs
And, I want to tell the story of this man, who I saw walking his wife’s six dogs…
Six dogs on roller blades
…on roller blades.

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