Food Trucks and Songs at the Refuge

We popped by the Refuge last night, hungry for a little sustenance for our bellies and our souls.

“Food Trucks and Songs at the Refuge” turned our ordinary Tuesday into a foot stomping event.

Sharing guitars and Wisconsin refreshments, a whole host of artists, both new and established, sat on a bench under a shade tree, played a little music, and sang.

Children danced, hungry people munched, music veterans sang along and, just beyond, the Fox River added a merry score.

I would have loved to have tasted my way through the delicious food truck offerings — macaroons, wood fired pizza, gourmet mac and cheese, pulled pork, toasted subs — but I’m only one person and, though the taste buds were willing, the stomach was full.

I have big plans for the next time I see those trucks.

I also would have loved to have pulled up a chair and hung out all night, but I had another event I had to attend.

Good news for me, and all of you, is that the Refuge is planning monthly events.

Stroll down to the Refuge and soak it all in.

We’re blessed to live in a community that celebrates the arts, and to rub elbows with creative people who are willing to share their gifts.

I bonded with this baby as we listened to some tunes.
Food trucks, live music, a biking princesses, oh my!
Fresh herbs
Those are real fresh herbs she’s chopping in the Pizza Fromage food truck.
Hawg tyed barbecue
I’m going to have to hit this one up next time.
Pizza oven
A wood fired pizza oven on a food truck, amazing!
Pizza chef
Hats off to the pizza chef!
Such a family friendly event!
Red shoes
In a spirit of collaboration, they even shared guitars.
New artists
It was an excellent event for fostering new, young talent as well.

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