18 reasons you’re going to love Pure and Weary

Based in Chicago, Pure and Weary is gearing up for a series of live shows in November. Meanwhile, you can treat yourself to their YouTube Channel. Here’s why you’ll be glad you did:

  1. Scripted comedy is a national treasure and we should support it as such.
  2. They’re both middle children and could use some attention.
  3. Weary is a nanny to a kid whose facial expressions have launched a thousand memes.
  4. They live in Chicago, birthplace of Walt Disney.
  5. Their channel is free and you can access it at any time.
  6. Pure tends to trip a lot and who doesn’t love a good pratfall?
  7. Weary is from Cleveland and Cleveland rocks!
  8. Weary once rowed crew and that’s just cool.
  9. They met in a voice training class at the University of Wisconsin.
  10. But they found their voices in the Windy City.
  11. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler once worked performed at Second City, and Pure did too.
  12. They performed together in two college shows, the Imaginary Invalid and Into the Woods, and Weary played the evil stepmom in both.
  13. Pure played the ditzy blonde in both.
  14. Pure will bake you cookies if you ask.
  15. She’ll even bake you cookies if you don’t ask.
  16. Weary really isn’t.
  17. Weary’s mother is a midwife.
  18. Pure’s mother is me.
Imaginary Invalid
They met at the University of Wisconsin, and enjoyed two productions together. Weary played the evil step mother in both.
Into the Woods
…and Pure played the Ditzy Blonde in both.

Pure and Weary

Here’s a taste of their comedy. You can like their Facebook page or subscribe to their YouTube channel for regular updates. Happy Friday!

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