A Step by Step guide to scoring a Full House and landing in 7th Heaven…also, the Monster Show is coming home!

The last time my daughter Katherine wore bangs she also wore blue Keds T-strap dress shoes, lacy ankle socks and dresses that tied in a big bow behind her back.

She rode bicycles with training wheels and held my hand when she crossed the street.

She loved to watch Full House (we called it the Baby Show), Step by Step (it took place in Wisconsin) and, later, 7th Heaven (who wouldn’t want a mom like Annie Camden?).

Despite all my best efforts to freeze time, Katherine grew up and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy.

A few weeks ago, everything came full circle for both of us during an episode of Hollywood Darlings on Scary Mommy.

Katherine played a pop-rock chugging, bang-wearing, Exclamation perfume-smelling grown woman stuck in the 90s. She and her comedy partner and sister-from-another-mother Leah Frires enjoyed a fun and funny two-day shoot with Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner from Full House), Beverly Mitchell (Lucy Camden from Seventh Heaven) and Christine Lakin (Alicia “Al” Lambert from Step by Step).

In addition to this talented cast,  Leah and Katherine enjoyed the unique pleasure of working with an 11-person, all female crew. They had a great time.

Here’s to more smart comedy and confident creators who keep us laughing!

Speaking of which….The Monster Show is coming to the Midwest and we can’t wait to see it live!

June us on June 2 at Second City in Chicago as Pure & Weary bring their sold-out show home to Chicago for a single performance.

Here’s a link for more information and to buy tickets. Get ’em, quick!

She played a character stuck in the 90s, her bangs came straight from a can, and I think I might have once owned a jacket like that, but Katherine and Leah both had a great time filming this episode of Hollywood Darlings. 
I do not condone this behavior. (I was not a fan of pop rocks the first time they came around!)
Left to right — Staci Harris, Leah Frires, Beverly Mitchell, Katherine Biskupic, Jodie Sweetin and Christine Lakin.
The last time Katherine had bangs in her hair.


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