An L.A. Monster Story

In the four months since our daughter moved to L.A., she has totaled a car, unexpectedly couch surfed and fended off a crazy Armenian woman who raised a fist at her and yelled, “I will curse you until the day you die!”

So, things are going well.

But, really, she and her comedy partner Leah, AKA Pure & Weary, are acclimating quite nicely to La La Land. (They’re from the Midwest. How else would they acclimate?)

In fact, they’ve been writing and performing two shows a week, culminating in an hour-long set they’ll perform Thursday, Feb. 1 at 8p.m. on the Comedy Central Stage.

The Monster Show celebrates the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and its timing could not be better. Its running joke, that Lord Byron was the real genius and no one would ever believe a woman wrote a science fiction novel, both amuses the audience and reminds them that the fight for equal billing has been brewing for centuries.

With sketches, songs and short monologues, the Monster Show shines a light on internal monsters, like insecurity, historical monsters and the monsters dominating today’s headlines.

Their test run played to a full house and one woman introduced herself after the show and said, “You just empowered the sh*t out of me.”

The show is free, but reserved tickets are going fast. If you’re in the L.A. area, treat yourself to a damsel-less ghost story that will make you laugh.

Reserve your tickets here:   

Katherine and Leah thought it would be fun to take their stage make-up out for a walk and scare random people. But it was L.A. Nobody blinked. True Story.
Insta_FB_SM P&W Basic Monster Show Promo
The show is funny, musical and spot on.
P&W Monster show
Just look what L.A.’s done to my girl! CREDITS Photo: Matt Ulrich Make up: PompBerry Director: Monique Madrid Choreography: Sarah O’Dwyer Music: Tara Trudel

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