The tribe has spoken and we’re so excited

My son Charlie enlisted the support of Survivor host and executive producer Jeff Probst when he proposed to his girlfriend Tara a few weeks ago.

And, from the rainy rooftop of a restaurant in Queens, Tara said yes!

Except for a curious busboy, the two stood alone on the rooftop that night. But, really, there were surrounded by love from two happy families just waiting to share in their joy.

A week earlier, Charlie had asked Tara’s parents, Kenn and Debbie, for their blessing to propose and, thankfully, they agreed.

Sworn to secrecy, I waited patiently for days, especially as the clock slowly ticked that Friday. Finally, Charlie and Tara kindly Facetimed from the rooftop to share the good news. Whew!

Charlie’s dad and I feel very lucky to add the smart and spunky Tara to our tribe and, as word spread throughout the family, everyone else did too.

Grandma Peggy has her bags packed and ready to go, anytime, anywhere. Even Uncle Mike, Charlie godfather, said he’d travel to New York for the wedding festivities. “I hate that town but, wherever you go, I’m there. Good luck,” he said.

We’ll all be patient as Tara and Charlie make their plans. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the engagement phase of their relationship, a stress-free period of pure celebration.

If Grandpa Vince could do it in person, I know he’d raise a glass in celebration of the happy couple, and Grandma Mary Jane would join right in. Grandpa Ron would be thrilled that his “Chooch” found such a witty partner (though he might look twice at the avid Patriot fan’s game day colors 😉 )

We’ve met Tara’s parents and her two sisters Kayla and Jenna, and we’re looking forward to meeting the rest of their tribe. Having read his biography, I’m especially looking forward to meeting Tara’s Grandpa Dick Heaslip, along with Grandpa Jer and Grandma Marion.

We have a plaque in our kitchen that I once gave my mom and my mother in-law.

It reads: “Our family is a circle of love and strength. With every birth and every union, the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.”

In other words, drop your buffs, survivors, we’re merging tribes.

And we couldn’t be happier.

An engagement selfie from the top of a rainy rooftop in Queens. Here’s to the happy couple!
Grandma Tara and Charlie
Charlie, Tara and Grandma Peggy from an earlier b Tara to Appleton.
Last time we were in New York, we got to celebrate Charlie’s 30th birthday.
I love this picture of Tara and Charlie.
And, I have to say, no matter where or when the wedding is, these three will be there for him with bells on.

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    1. Such excellent advice and let me just say that Papa Salm obviously knows a good one when he sees one if Mama Salm is any indication.

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