Author! Author! Celebrating a Second City Writing Debut

When my daughter Katherine looked for material to write her award-winning Second City Works by Women comedy sketch, she mined a source familiar to all of us -- Homecoming. "Me, Myself, and Oh My!" debuted Friday night and told the story of a precocious, socially awkward 15-year old  reluctantly preparing for a dance she isn’t [...]

This American Strife

The best comedy, in our opinion, combines sharp wit with keen observations, promotes talent, braves stands, and draws from the heart. It is clever, not caustic. Think Modern Family, Seinfeld, the Gilmore Girls, MASH and All in the Family, all of which relied on strong writing that addressed social issues in a way that made [...]

A funny thing happened on the way to Second City

We saw three of our favorite funny girls on a quick trip to Chicago this weekend, where we caught the one-woman Grandma Mary Jane Show, now playing at the elegant Whitehall Rehabilitation Center; Katherine Biskupic on stage at Second City; and our funny little niece/cousin Erin, hosting a classic, sparkling pink fairy dusted sleepover for [...]