Winter bake

Although Molly B’s name is no longer part of this blog, her presence definitely is.

It wafts up the stairs of our house trailing delicious smells from the oven. It rests lightly on a new cutting board, patiently cooling while we stand near, forks at the ready, drooling.

Molly has been home on winter break for a little more than two weeks and in that time she has whipped up one fluffy loaf of pesto bread, five walnut rolls, two babkas — cinnamon and chocolate (the lesser babka), and Italian herb bread.

She’s also made dinner on several occasions, including a big pot of chicken dumpling soup and chorizo potato stew.

We’re going to miss that kid when she heads back to school. It’s been a lovely, mouth-watering, belly-filling winter bake. err, break.

After the babka baking episode, she texted me. “Is it okay if I have people over tonight? I need someone to eat my babkas.”

“Please do,” I said, and my straining waistline thanked her.

The house smelled amazing when I got home from work that day, and Molly called out from upstairs.

“You can taste the babkas if you want. I’m not sure if the chocolate one turned out.”

I sliced off a small piece of the chocolate babka, popped in in my mouth and paused, eyes closed, taste buds dancing.

“That chocolate babka is the best thing I’ve ever tasted,” I yelled around an inelegant mouthful of babka. “Good lord!”

I had another slice. Of course I did.

I have no recipes to offer you, nor any baking tips at all, just a series of photos that will have to sustain me through the next cold, dark months until Molly B comes back home to Me.

I love to see this face in my kitchen.
Side note: Just look what beautiful colors she added to her hair!
On to the baked goodies. Here are her walnut rolls. She used my grandma’s recipe and they tasted delicious.
Pesto bread, based off a recipe from the Great British Baking Show
Molly was especially proud of her cinnamon babka, which looked exactly the way it was supposed to.
But, man oh man, I loved that chocolate babka!You can see where I tasted a slice and you can imagine what that loaf looked like after I put the camera down.
Yesterday, Molly whipped up a loaf of Italian Herb Bread and we munched a couple of warm slices while we watched our 12th episode of the Crown. Of course, I had Another Slice.



4 thoughts on “Winter bake

  1. Oh, my! I can almost taste that babka…yum, yum. Everything looks beautiful and delicious. What a talented gal! Lucky mom😊

    1. I am lucky. It’s like living in a specialty bakery. It’s probably good that she’s headed back to school soon. My clothes are getting snug.

  2. Wait a minute, Laura…i always thought that cinnamon was the lesser babka….????? Do we have to go to the video tape? I do feel your pain with the baked goods….I can resist anything but temptation….

    1. Vince thought the cinnamon was the lesser babka too, but Molly said Elaine called it the lesser babka but Jerry thought the chocolate was the lesser babka. In any case, Molly’s chocolate babka was definitely the greater babka.

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