Summer hiatus

Like many parents of busy people scattered far and near, we hold precious the days we spend together.

Our Christmas gift is early morning laughter, our Thanksgiving gratitude is a table full of chatty faces we love, and our summer hiatus is the stretch of sunny days during which we are a party of six, please.

We wrapped up the latter with a trip to Chicago, which has become our second sweet home.

We saw Nerd Alert, the show Katherine and her comedy partner Leah wrote and are performing this month at the Annoyance Theatre. The show celebrates the nerd in all of us and we were thrilled to lend them our belly laughs and genuine admiration.

We toasted Nerd Alert and life in general at a nearby restaurant where we stretched ourselves — physically, across an accommodating table for nine; intellectually, Katherine’s sweet friends were both math majors who graduated from Northwestern University so we had to step up our Pythagorean theorem game; gastronomically, we still have no idea what Vinnie ordered but it came with its own table grill; and emotionally, we celebrated family with the poignant understanding that, come Monday, Charlie would head back to New York to resume his busy life.

Here’s to nerdy, wordy families and the blessed moments we share! Here’s to summer days, and polka parades (which I’ll write about on Wednesday), and beautiful music (which I’ll write about on Friday), and busy, busy weekends full of joy.

All four
I don’t think we’ll see these four in the same room again until Thanksgiving, so we made the most of the time we had.
All the nerds
We bonded over familial nerdiness and a funny show.
Just Katherine
I got a little shutter happy, because that’s who I am. Here’s Katherine…
…and Leah.
Leah and Katherine
And Katherine and Leah…
Nerd Katherine
Here’s Katherine…
Nerd Leah
…and Leah….
Nerd alert and beat boxer
and Katherine and Leah (with their guest nerd, Yuri Lane).
Nerds and Parents
Pure and Weary parents (or the night Char and I found out we have the same hair).
Live long and prosper
Nerdy sibs
Summer hiatus 081
Vince’s cousin Leslie popped in from Canada, which was a great surprise.
Katherine made good use of a bonus margarita the waiter mistakenly served Molly.
While Vinnie ate a whole bunch of grilled meat.
The boys
The boys were back in town.
I love this picture of Charlie, who wrapped up a lovely summer hiatus with a big ole smile on his face.

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  1. More great memories made. Very partial to Charlie’s picture. Looking forward to more journey’s with you.

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