The Butler did it

Lethargy trapped us in our house yesterday, while a genuine snow storm stranded most of our family members.

So, we hosted a virtual Super Bowl party, texting updates, pictures and commercial reviews throughout the sadly Packer-less extravaganza.

So low key was the affair, that Molly ended up wrapped in a Snuggie, watching the game from the comfort of our family room floor.

What a game, though, right?

Hats off to Malcolm Butler, who set a standard for unsung athletes across the spectrum: Do your homework, study the game film, believe in yourself, and get ‘er done.

Burned by a fluke play just moments earlier, he could have given up. Now, the undrafted rookie is a hero.

These plays, the ones where a young kid who just last year worked part-time at Popeyes, makes a potentially life changing play, define the Super Bowl, much more than the admittedly excellent commercials, and the extravagant half-time shows.

Congratulations to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Enjoy that trophy because next year, it’s coming home.

Amid the nearly constant texting that linked seven house parties into one, here are the spreads:

My niece Olivia sent this shot from her house in Sun Prairie.
Stranded by a blizzard in Chicago, Katherine whipped herself up some sweet potato soup, chocolate bran muffins, hummus and crisp veggies and a dry martini, shaken, not stirred.
A mile of two away, also snow stranded in Chicago, my sister Jenny sent us this picture, of her game time lasagna.
From snowy Harlem, here is Charlie's appetizer spread.
From snowy Harlem, here is Charlie’s appetizer spread.
The Harlem game-time meal was homemade Skyline chili. Yum!
The snowed-in gang in Milwaukee also enjoyed chili and fresh veggies.
Superbowl Snacks
Meanwhile, we had cashew pork lettuce wraps and falafel with tzatziki sauce.
Phoenix photo
I stopped in Phoenix on Saturday on my way home from San Diego and felt I needed to represent the boys….and, like the Phoenix, we will rise from the shock of our Seattle disappointment and bring that Lombardi trophy home next year. #GoPackGo!



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  1. From Patriot’s Nation I can tell you it was a very stressful game. Made a pot of pasta and sauce, plus chips, dip, and brownies for dessert. Could only make it through one dish of pasta and one brownie. Would have loved to play GB. Maybe next year.

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