Our favorite Super Bowl commercial this year

Tommy Okon offered a sweaty football player a bottle of Coke in 1980 and set the standard for Super Bowl Commercials.

Since the Mean Joe Greene commercial aired, neither Clydesdale, nor adorable child, nor sassy lady, nor monkey nor Darth Vader has come close.

(Although the Clydesdales genuflecting toward Ground Zero was pretty perfect, too).

Companies will spend $4.5 million a spot to air their commercial during the Super Bowl this year and, in an effort to garner some return on that investment, they’ll strategically leak them online, tactically tweeted to their exact demographic, for maximum punch.

For many Super Bowl fans, the commercials provide the most interesting aspect of the game, especially since the Packers will not be playing this year. (Wait, did we write that out loud?)

Lucky for us, we won’t have to wait until Sunday to see our family’s favorite 2015 Super Bowl commercial. And, because we’re generous that  way, we’re going to share it with you ahead of time, too!

This  commercial has it all: humor, pathos, an unbelievably cute but apparently not hypoallergenic dog, an Aaron Rodgers tribute baby, and, best of all, our favorite comedic duo, Pure & Weary.

Sit back, enjoy and, while you’re watching, we suggest you have a Coke and a smile…

Mean Joe Greene Commercial
You can thank Mean Joe Greene, Coca Cola, and Tommy for launching a Super Bowl ad campaign war that continues today.
They’re even funnier live.

For more of their sketches, check out their YouTube Channel. You won’t want to miss next month’s St. Patrick’s Day bit. Save yourself the searching, and subscribe to their channel. That way you won’t miss anything.


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