If you keep on dancing, you’ll never grow old

I am, save a brief, glorious run in the 1968 Green Bay Park and Rec tap and ballet recital, a relegated kitchen dancer.

Untrained but unfettered, I dance with dirty pots and pans, dish towels and brooms. I dance because the music moves me. It makes that post dinner pot-scouring time pass much more quickly, and allows my pre-breakfast tea-sipping mornings to steep with joy.

While I’m most comfortable hoofing across the forgiving hardwood of my own kitchen floor, I certainly don’t limit myself to that venue.

I’ve danced to Muzak in the cereal aisle of our local grocery store, to live music among thousands of my closest friends in enormous stadiums, to a mix tape in a gym full of sweaty boot campers, and to the quiet hum of a lullaby while cradling a precious, sleeping baby.

I’ve waltzed with my nonagenarian neighbor at the Harvest Moon Ball, and oom pah pah-ed merrily around a sweaty pavilion to the tune of a polka band.

Last week, I danced at a Steve Miller Band concert at which he sang this:

I don’t know but I’ve been told.

If you keep on dancing, you’ll never grow old.

 I like the way that man thinks. And, the 71-year old, still rocking Miller seems to be living his lyrics.

I believe, from the not coincidentally named balls of my dancing feet, to the steady beat of my dancing heart, that God made human beings to dance.

If you haven’t danced in a while, it’s time. Celebrate an ordinary Wednesday by be-bopping across your kitchen floor.

It will do your heart good.

These two treasures have been dancing together for more than 60 years. Take a look at how young it keeps them!
Elaine's  wedding 087
This is one of my favorite pictures of my mother in-law, the Outlaw Mary Jane, dancing with Vince.
Mom and the tango dancer
And my mom dancing with our tango instructor in Argentina.
Kathy's wedding! 184
I also love this picture of my sister Jenny and her godson Vinnie.
75th birthday circle dance 3
The best parties include circle dances…
75th birthday the chicken dance
…and chicken dances.
Kathy's wedding! 201
Is there anything sweeter than a father/daughter dance?
Kathy's wedding! 179
I love this picture from the dance floor of my sister Kathy’s wedding.
wide eyed dancer
These little girls brighten our whole church with their sunny Micronesian dances.
Steve Miller on Guitar
Steve Miller’s guitar riffs are still amazing and I would have blogged about the musicianship of his band.
Steve Miller fans
But I got all caught up in the dancing.
Steve Miller Sillouette
You should see this band, though, and, when you do, dance!

I intended to record a song or two, but I only captured this partial bit because holding my cellphone up interfered with my dancing.


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