Welcome to the neighborhood, Bear!

The newest member of our neighborhood took the long road home.

Bear, a year and-half old bundle of sweet mischief, charmed his way from central Ohio to Northern Wisconsin last week.

Found wandering along a highway, he spent three weeks in a loving foster home before bounding into the arms of my friend and passionate puppy advocate Carol Killian.

So anxious was Carol to meet the newest member of her family, that she got a speeding ticket on the way.

“It was worth it,” she said.

I wrote about Carol and her two rescue dogs, Shady and Sunny last year. Since then, Carol had to put Sunny down, leaving the rest of the household bereft.

Along came Bear to spice things up with his floppy ears, long, cool tail, and friendly personality.

I met Bear last night and fought the urge to smuggle him home in my jacket.

Whatever happened to that precocious puppy that landed him alone on a busy road did nothing to dampen his spirits. He bonded quickly with the members of his new family, including the regal 10-year old Shady.

We don’t know what life Bear might have led had he not been scooped out of traffic on a cold night a month ago. His foster family worked hard to contact anyone who might have known him, and carefully screened those interested in adopting him.

We do know, though, that he’s a lucky dog to have made his way here to Carol’s home.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Bear. We’re glad to know you.

How ’bout that mug?!
Bear and Shady
Lucky Bear found his way to the perfect home, full of toys, a dog mentor and two loving adults.
I wanted to bring Bear a treat, so I made my first ever batch of dog biscuits. Ingredients were whole wheat flour (2 cups), oats (1/2 cup), peanut butter (1 cup), chicken broth (1 cup) and baking powder (T tablespoon).
Biscuit dough
Mix it all together, roll it out, and cut it. I would have liked to have used a dog bone cutter, but we didn’t have one. I briefly entertained the thought of using my peace dove cutter, but that seemed kind of callous, so I went with the star. Bake for 20 minutes at 375.
Dog biscuits on the rack
They smelled good and looked like cookies. I had to fend off one of the hungry humans in my house while these dog biscuits were cooling.
Gift basket
Here’s the basket I brought Bear.
Obedient Bear
And here’s Bear, who’s pretty crazy about his owner and listens to her well (most of the time. He is still a puppy and he’s a speedy runner.)
Forever home
Carol told Bear right from the start that he’d found his forever home.


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