A sweet kickoff to one of our favorite weeks of the year

We kicked off one of our favorite weeks of the year with 27 Elsa-of-varying-age sightings, four kinds of cooked pumpkins seeds, three jack o’lanterns, two giant meals and one pretty peacock.

Our love of Halloween, well-documented here on this blog, spans generations and shows no signs of abating.

Six days before the actual event, we wandered through the Farmer’s Market munching Matt Reyenbeau’s chocolate chip cookies and searching for fresh brussel sprouts, when, to our delight, we began to spot Elsas, Olafs, chubby-cheeked pumpkins, pirates, bananas and, best of all, a toddling pink elephant.

The Trick-or-Treating preview lent an extra festive air to the season’s last outdoor market, and put us all in the mood to carve pumpkins (and by us I mean Molly and Vinnie. I haven’t been in the mood to stick my hand in disgusting pumpkin guts since I was five-years old.)

The highlight of the weekend, and what has become the traditional kick-off the season, was the annual family reunion/brunch at which a thousand years of Irish superstition found its voice in my mother, who, seriously, asked the waitress to please sit at our table for a while so we wouldn’t have 13 people there.

We’ll be spending the next four days hunting for ghosts, noshing on chocolate and searching the skies for the Great Pumpkin. We hope you find the time to do the same.

Happy Halloween Week, from Molly B and Me!

A pink elephant
This adorable pink elephant, wending her way through the Appleton Farmer’s Market, set the tone for this year’s Halloween festivities.
A happy pumpkin sorter
My sister Jenny leaned into Pumpkin Palooza. Here she is sorting seeds.
A Molly carver
Molly carved two pumpkins, one for her cousin Erin and one for herself.
A discussion about Pi
What we lack in artistic ability, we make up for in necessary creativity. This is Molly explaining her “Pi Pumpkin” to Erin. I listened and learned a little too.
A pumpkin head
Don’t look now but Vinnie has pumpkin in his hair.
A sunflower seed prep
Here is Vinnie’s pumpkin project in process.
A bunch of sunflower seeds
He made four kinds, sweet, savory, salty and Jamaican Jerk.
A peacock
Then we went to a party with this pretty peacock.
A couple more cousins
A pretty peacock and her pretty cousins.
A couple of turkeys
I like everything about this picture, the turkey on my brother’s head, the expression on my sister Kathy’s face.
A bunch of cousins
More festive cousin love.
A hayride
A Halloween hayride.
A nutty wonder woman
I love Halloween, and not just because it gives me another reason to wear my Wonder Woman costume.

3 thoughts on “A sweet kickoff to one of our favorite weeks of the year

  1. This is great! I’m so glad I got on your list, and now Clay wants on. I’ll get figure it out, or have Elaine do it.

  2. I’m glad at last to be on-board; the spirit of your site is wonderful, a joy to see and read! There is a new book, Laura, that you may be interested in. It is the history (with much biography tossed in) of the eccentric guy who invented Wonder Woman and of course the story of that magical woman herself. Amazingly, the author of this study is (or was) chair of History at Harvard, Jill Lapore, who writes regularly in The New Yorker, too. She’s a non-stuffy academic. Title: The Freaky, Fabulous, Feminist ‘Secret History’ Of Wonder Woman. As best I can tell, all parts are not suitable for polite company.

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