And you’ve got us feelin’ alright

On a perfect Friday night at Wrigley Field, I stood arm in arm with some of my favorite women and sang the Piano Man with the Piano Man and more than 40,000 new friends.

Those moments stood as some of the coolest of the summer, and kicked off a weekend in which we toasted the sweet reliability of family, tender joy of friendship, and prolific nature of Marquette University.

During an uptown girls night out, my daughter Katherine, sister Kathy, and sisters in-law Carol, Elaine and Donna enjoyed the Billy Joel concert, a two-hour trip through my formative years. The concert set the tone for a weekend in which I was able to hang out with my oldest daughter, celebrate my niece’s eighth birthday and enjoy the aged-to-perfection laughter of college friends.

Thanks to the timeless relevance of his lyrics and contagious energy of his live performance, Billy Joel  generated a little summer weekend magic that lasted long after the final strains of music faded into the hot summer night.

Girls night out
Friday night I crashed your party…Billy Joel hosted an extra special girls night out for my sisters in-law, sister, daughter and me.
The piano man
I am the entertainer, been all around the world…I didn’t have my camera, but this cell phone shot captures a little of the cool atmosphere of an open-air concert at Wrigley.
Erin's eighth birthday
All the waiters in your grand cafe, leave their tables when you blink…The next morning we got to enjoy a birthday breakfast with this little cutie, my niece Erin.
Pontoon crash
But you are still a victim of the accidents you leave…Just as I snapped this shot of our college friends, a pontoon boat hit the pier…
Boat rescue
…so two of our friends jumped to their feet, ran to the water, and helped push the boat back out toward the lake.  Don’t ask me why that man was steering the boat. It took our friends several attempts to point him in the right direction.
You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd. We ain't too pretty, we ain't too proud...
You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd. We ain’t too pretty, we ain’t too proud
I was only having fun, wasn’t hurting anyone, and we all enjoyed the weekend for a change.
Son can you play me a memory…These guys have been friends for 32 years.
Pretty nurse Karen
and you’ve got us feelin’ alright…Nothing beats the simple joy of a summer afternoon.

Here’s a little taste of the Piano Man in action.

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