Love on the beach

We enjoyed a sweet convergence this weekend when Vince’s recently engaged sister and her fiancé invited us to Florida to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.
Chip proposed to Elaine on a Florida beach at sunrise on NewYear’s Day, and the twin toasts of that new love and our anniversary made the entire weekend extra warm and lovely.
In keeping with the weekend’s theme, I spent some time on the beach whipping up shower invitations for another extra special wedding, my sister Kathy’s. Kathy and her fiancé Keith will be married on a Florida beach in June.
As it turns out, my artistic eye was bigger than my sand art talents and I had to be rescued from the project by yet another celebratory couple, my college roommate Trish and her husband Tim, who married the week before we did and flew south with us to mark the occasion.
Let’s pause a moment to review the players: Silver anniversary couples (2), recently engaged couples (2), big fat Florida fullmoon (1).
We clinked our glasses to all of the above on many, many occasions throughout the trip and I am happy to report I returned home with a warm heart, a few more freckles and, with the help of my friend, a shower invitationfor my sister Kathy. Whew!
Here we are celebrating with the happy couple who got engaged
at sunrise on New Year’s Day. The ring is as beautiful as the bride.
I had this great idea to write a heart in the
sand for my sister’s shower invitation. On my
way home from church, I stopped along the beach
and went to work. Mostly, I was concentrating on
keeping shadows and beach walkers out of the picture.
But when I reviewed the pictures, I realized I
had drawn the heart upside down. How embarassing!
So, my friend Trish, an artist, went to work and her husband,
a construction engineer, jumped in to help.
They spent a lot of time on this project while I sipped iced
tea and snapped photos.
To get the best picture, Trish wanted to shoot above the heart,
so she climbed up and angled the lense. Such a good friend.
Voila! A perfect shot for our invitation.

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