Remembering Coach Majerus with an MU Rah Rah

All week writers who knew him far better than I have been eulogizing Rick Majerus.

The 64-year old former Marquette basketball coach died on December 1.

And, while my only real claim to the Majerus fame is a goofy rap song I wrote in the 1986 Marquette Tribune, I want to add a few words to the chorus of tributes.

As an uncommonly timid college junior working as the Tribune’s associate sports editor, I genuinely liked Coach Majerus. In a way, he and I came of age together as he began to emerge from Al McGuire’s intimidating shadow and I built a career as a sportswriter.

We shared an appreciation for all things Wisconsin — Sheboygan brats, Green Bay Packers and especially Marquette basketball and he graciously allowed me time to interview him whenever I asked.

He treated me and my fellow Tribune reporters with the same respect he offered the professionals back then and, as one of the few females in the post-game locker room, I relied on his support.

Coach Majerus approached the game with such a laser focus that I doubt he ever considered the impact he had on the peripheral associates of the game — especially the writers who covered the sport.

As I look back on the sports pages of the Marquette Tribune during the Majerus years, I note that almost all of those sports reporters have gone on to successful writing careers.

I know at least one that considers the time she spent covering the Rick Majerus Warriors one of the great privileges of her life.

I really hope I wasn't the editor responsible for this boring bust out quote "We're going to be good this year." This is what the coach looked like in 1986. Go Warriors!
I really hope I wasn’t the editor responsible for this boring bust out quote “We’re going to be a good team.” Either Coach Majerus grew wittier as his career advanced or sports editors grew more selective. This is what the coach looked like in 1986. Go Warriors!
rick majerus, hank raymonds, al mcguire
Can’t find a photo credit for this widely distributed shot but I’m posting it because I love it. The Majerus pants! The Raymonds tears! The McGuire hair!
warrior wiggle
Hard to believe he let me interview again after this ditty. “My name’s Rick and I like ribs. Don’t talk to me about tournament bids…” My years with Coach Majerus were all NIT years, but I treasured them just the same.

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