A full house and a heart flush

It’s one thing to play to a full house, it’s quite another to draw a heart flush.

Pure & Weary scored both Saturday night during their sold out Monster Show at the Second City’s Beat Lounge.

Of course, plenty of family showed up to cheer on our favorite sketch comics. But, so did fellow comedians, writers and friends.

As they waded into the audience during a Scottish Sketch (one of my favorites), they spotted familiar faces from past shows they’d all worked together, loyal fans who’d attended every show they did in Chicago, cousins, aunts, uncles, a grandma, Appleton friends and more.

The hour-long show felt like a big, funny, mutually respectful and wholly appropriate group hug.

The duo’s move out to Los Angeles has not been without its challenges, but their Monster Show has provided them with some warm audience moments there as well. En route to one show, Katherine discovered her Uber driver had an interest in sketch comedy but had never seen a show. She told him she’d leave him a ticket to the show and was pleasantly surprised when he came.

Another time, after a check up during which she and her new doctor chatted about their mutual interest in entertainment, Katherine spotted that doctor, and the office assistant, smiling at her from the audience.

Katherine and Leah stick to a grueling schedule of writing, rehearsing, testing material, auditioning, writing, performing, working full time, volunteering, writing, researching, gathering props, lining up venues, writing, attending shows, editing, conceiving concepts, meeting with their manager, writing, writing and writing.

So, when they finally get to step on stage and present their work, it sure feels good to see a big ole audience and some familiar faces smiling back at them.

I loved the show and felt grateful for the opportunity to see it. Also, I took a photo or two…


Here’s a taste of the opening number:

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