On Evelyns and Wisconsin’s historic blizzard

On Evelyns and Wisconsin’s historic blizzard

When the blizzard Evelyn came roaring into our neighborhood Friday night, plopped herself down and refused to leave we thought, "That's not the Evelyn we know." When she whipped herself into a frenzy, tossed tree branches into our yards and left waist-high snow drifts and ice in her wake, we said, "That's not our Evelyn." [...]

Finding Nemo and a Chinese dumpling in the city that never sleeps

We slid into New York Friday morning, one of the last planes to land at LaGuardia ahead of Nemo, the curiously named blizzard that skimmed Manhattan before slamming the East Coast. With exactly 46.5 hours to spend and a New York Neophyte on board, we barely notice the sleet pelting our taxi. We noticed a [...]

Snow Day 2012, brought to you by me (a post by Molly)

Wednesday night across all Appleton's news stations, Thursday was decreed a snow day… and there was much rejoicing. I don't mean to brag or anything, but the snow yesterday was pretty much all my doing. You see, last Saturday a rainstorm quickly melted away all remnants of winter. Our hope for a white Christmas looked [...]