You’re here, Trina

I visited my friend Trina on the day she passed away nearly 12 years ago.

She looked at me fiercely from her hospital bed and said, “I don’t want to die.”

Had I not been overwhelmed by the sadness of the moment and the absolute finality of our time together, I might have responded more eloquently.

Instead, I said, “I don’t want you to die either.” Then I hugged her and told her I was so very sorry.

I have been bothered since then at the inadequacy of my response.

Given the wisdom of 10 more years than she got on this earth, and a little space to breathe, I could have said, “You won’t.”

Because Trina lives on in so many ways – in her gifted daughter Hillary’s music, in her adorable grandson’s bright blue eyes. 

She lives on thanks to her determined battle to beat cancer and her willingness to participate in clinical trials that have advanced HER 2 positive breast cancer treatment in miraculous ways.

And through The Trina Fund, which encourages women battling breast cancer to seek the best treatment possible for them, and stands as a legacy to the woman who launched it in the midst of her own cancer fight.

Hillary’s band Peridot wrote a song called “Everything Your Fear,” which is not just a tribute to Trina, it’s a message all mothers want to whisper in their child’s ear and bank eternally in their heads for any difficult times ahead:

So, don’t believe everything you fear

My love can hold you

I’m here

That song, along with other previously unreleased studio recordings and select live recordings from Peridot’s 2019 live concert with the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra, are all part of a new vinyl record called “Over the Moon”. All proceeds from the sale of this limited edition record go to the Trina Fund.

It’s a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Do you hear that? It’s my friend Trina telling you to go buy one today!

Trina lives on in her daughter Hillary’s music, in her grandson Augie’s eyes and in countless other ways.
How cute is this little boy blue? He’s a charming tribute to his grandma. And as for Hillary’s gorgeous curly hair? She Got It From Her Mama.

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  1. Wow, this is so lovely Laura. What a loving tribute to Trina, to Hillary, and to Augie.

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