Since September, we’ve become Hillary Reynolds Band groupies

Molly and I officially became groupies of the Hillary Reynolds Band when we saw them perform earlier this year in Greenwich Village.

It turned out to be the perfect venue to hear them play. Sleet pelted the windows outside as we sat among trendy NYU students sipping hot drinks from cool glass mugs. Our cab dumped us off at the wrong location and we wandered, cold and irritated, for a little while until we saw the café sign we sought. We had no idea how we were going to find our way back to the hotel. But, our little group completely relaxed as we listened to the smooth tunes. I believe it is genetically impossible to be stressed out when listening to the HRB.

On Sunday night, I took advantage of another opportunity to hear them play at the Hillary Reynolds Band Appleton CD release.

Due to an early wake up call, I had planned to pop in, buy a CD, listen to a couple of songs and head home. But, drawing from the energy of the standing room only crowd, the band sounded even better than I remembered. And I remembered them being very, very good. I inched my way into the room and stayed through the entire set and an encore. I wanted them to play even longer and so did the other 300 people in the room.

Since September is the band’s first album and, while many of the songs paint a haunting picture of lost love, the music soothes in a soulful way that belies the band’s years. This is a musician’s band and its four members seamlessly blend vocal harmonies with cello, piano, acoustic guitar, drums, ukulele and mandolin. Though still in its infancy, really, the band has been performing together long enough and in venues ranging widely enough (from New York City nightclubs to quiet Wisconsin woods) that their melded sound has matured.

In a fickle industry that chooses its breakout stars on a whim, Molly and I really believe the Hillary Reynolds Band is going to make it.

Check out Since September for yourself. We think you’ll agree.

Here’s where you can find everything you need to know about the band:

Full disclosure: This was a picture of all of us with Hillary in New York but, as I mentioned, we had battled our way through the sleet to get to this show so we weren't at our photographic best. I cropped us all out.
Our tasty drinks, however, photographed nicely.
Here I am all excited to have my Since September CD! That's our little friend Kelly, who is also a HRB groupie.
Here's a nice, blurry action shot of Hillary.
This standing ovation went on and on.


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