A diamond anniversary for a gem of a store

My friend Cathy celebrated the 10th anniversary of her store this weekend and I think that’s cause for an admiration celebration. So, here are 10 things I love about Blue Moon Emporium.

  1. Its owner, a warm and funny California transplant who loves Wisconsin enough to stay here without complaint (even during the bleak May-winter with the frosty wind made everyone else moan.) She doesn’t just tolerate Wisconsin, she host a store that celebrates it in all its quirkiest charm.
  2. The T-shirts. I own several because they’re soft and witty and fun.
  3. The sweatshirts — also soft and witty and fun in a nice, roomy, cozy way. I own several of these as well and I wear them all. the. time.
  4. Its pluckiness. Blue Moon Emporium not only negotiated a global pandemic with grace and empathy, it also employed a full staff throughout, all from a relatively expensive downtown location.
  5. Its art. I own several prints and I’ve also given many as gifts because they’re so unique and appealing.
  6. Its pillows. All of my kids have pillows that celebrate Appleton and we have them at our cabin too. My favorite is the one that says Appleton You Always Come Back (Except Willem), a cheeky reminder to Willem Dafoe.
  7. Its employees. Full disclosure, my daughter Molly was one during the summer before her freshman year in college. She loved working there and it seems like everyone else does too.
  8. The onesies. All babies should have a cheesecurd onesie and, thanks to Blue Moon Emporium, most of the babies I know do.
  9. The concept. I love that Cathy showcases local artists and gives them a place to sell their wares, and that she curates that art for her clients. There is always something clever and fun to see and purchase at Blue Moon.
  10. Its location. I mentioned its right on College Avenue in downtown Appleton, which means I can walk on down anytime. I also like to pop in on Farmer’s Market Saturdays, because it always smells clean and fresh in there and its a nice place to linger.
I poked my head in Saturday in honor of the big day.
Ten years is an admirable milestone for any business, but particularly for those that managed to survive throughout the pandemic.
A brand new little baby Margo and my favorite Appleton pillow from Blue Moon Emporium.

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