Saturday morning shenanigans

What do you do on a cold Saturday morning with two active little boys and a cabin full of sleeping adults?

If you’re lucky enough to be wandering around Shawano, you take them to the Twig’s Museum and Gift Shop. I’ve written before about this sweet little step back in time, a free museum full of the fizziest pop culture.

We arrived a little early and waited in the parking lot with a bunch of people I had assumed were also eager museum-goers. Turns out they were there for their pre-Saturday night fix of Twig’s and Sundrop. As the doors opened, we headed straight for the museum, while the rest of the parking lot gang lined up for their cases.

In the three years since I’ve been there, the museum has added to the displays, including a cool free tasting bar manned by a very friendly young man named Bryson.

“Hey look! It’s the Mona Lisa,” one of our little boys yelled and he ran over to a portrait of Da Vinci’s muse holding a bottle of Sundrop.

We were all impressed with the little guy’s art appreciation.

“I can’t believe he knows the Mona Lisa,” a passing lady remarked.

A wall of tables with wooden centerpiece games gave us our next pause and we sat down and played them all. Two of us took our time sitting in each of the five hand chairs with convenient cup holders built into the thumb. We all appreciated the Dale Earnhardt display and one of us hopped into a little replica race car and posed for a picture or two.

Then we bellied up to the tasting bar and enjoyed some unusual flavors like caramel apple, rhu-berry and butterscotch root beer.

We really enjoyed our morning at Twig’s Museum and Gift Shop and we’re sure we’ll be back.

In the meantime, we stocked up on a few flavors to share.

This picture cracks me up. We had a little parking lot photo shoot while we waited for the museum to open. The little guy loves to dab.
This one wanted to point out that the guy on the museum sign needs to brush his teeth. Ha ha.
It’s not often you get to pose with a frog on a bike.
A step back in time but also a current view. People are still scooping up cases of this golden cola.
I thought this was pretty interesting.
So, we brought some back to the cabin.
A whole chalkboard full of recipes.
We bellied up to the tasting bar…
…where our pop tender Bryson served us our samples.
So many flavors to choose from for our take-home package! We’ll definitely be back.

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