A silly idea

“I have a silly idea,” Molly said as we lounged in our toasty cabin. “Let’s take a quick dip in the river.”

Normally, this would be a no-brainer. Floating down the Oconto River remains one of our family’s favorite past times…in the summer.

But an impressive spring snow and some daunting ice on the river gave us all some pause. We had images of getting sucked under the ice like some hapless Harry Potter character and swept away to our doom.

But, Molly explained the benefits of the cold plunge and several of us love a good challenge so we agreed. In fact, we had 100% participation…from the female members of the group.

The others thought we were nuts.

Fortunately for us, devoted husband/brother/son Vinnie agreed to be the hug man, a key member of the team, and we felt pretty jolly as we all trouped down to the snowy river.

These winter plunges tend to go like this for me: I agree to do it, I march to the location, I ask myself if I have lost my mind, I ready myself for the plunge, make my way into the water with absurd confidence, consider diving deeper, quickly decide against that, briefly wonder (again!) if I’ve lost my mind, and I sprint for the shore.

At least that’s what happened in my head each time I’ve done an icy plunge.

Both times I had a hug man.

As each of us came out of the water, Vinnie stood there with a big towel, a thick blanket and a bear hug. Such a delight!

I don’t think I was in the water long enough to experience many of the specific health benefits Molly mentioned, except elation.

I love that Molly mentioned her silly idea and that we jumped right in. I love that Vinnie offered his support and big bear hugs and that, even though he did not think it was the greatest idea, Vince supported our efforts.

I really loved that the whole crazy experience and the strong, silly women and compassionate men who shared it.

Molly had a silly idea and we all jumped in.
I mean, the people who said we were nuts were not necessarily wrong.
Our LA girl did the plunge twice!
So did Molly and Danni.
The key was the hug man.
He did a great job with the hugs.
There was a lot of hugging.
Here’s to plunges! And brave women! And nice guys! And a river that has seen it all.
Here’s my plunge.

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