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I follow a couple of foster parents I admire on social media and that’s how I came to know Peter Mutabazi.

Peter is a single dad to Anthony, a young man who entered foster care at age four, was abandoned in a hospital by his adoptive parents at age 11, came to live with Mutabazi for a weekend and ended up a permanent member of his family.

Peter formally adopted Anthony on Nov. 12, 2020 and the two have been a merry duo in a home that continues to welcome and nurture foster children ever since.

Peter goes by the handle Foster Dad Flipper because he flips houses for a living, a job that allows him to be available to the children he fosters. He is also the founder of a non-profit organization called Now I Am Known, which provides financial support and resources to foster families.

I bought his book, also called Now I Am Known, because I wanted to support his mission that “Every child and young person, especially the forgotten, neglected, or abused, deserves to be celebrated; seen, heard, and known.”

I bought the book to help him but, as so often happens in foster care, he ended up helping me. He tells such a remarkable story of resilience, gratitude, redemption and restitution that I could not help feeling motivated in my own little journey. I also couldn’t put the book down and whipped through it quickly.

Peter ran away from his small village in Uganda to escape an abusive father when he was just 10-years old, He ended up living on the crowded streets of Kampala until a stranger he had robbed saw some potential in him and facilitated his enrollment in a boarding school.

Those experiences and his journey from Uganda to the United States make for an inspirational and fascinating read. One person altered the trajectory of Peter’s life and he has done the same for countless other children, including the 30 he has fostered.

You can order the book from Amazon, or get a signed copy here:

I recommend this book to anyone, but especially to foster parents looking for a little inspiration from a fellow foster parent and a compassionate man who suffered through a lot of trauma as a small child and now lives with a sense of purpose and joy.

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  1. Thank-you for sharing this story. It is sad how many little people are in foster care. Let us continue to prayer for the parents of these children.

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