Biskupic Bob just looks bewildered

I don’t know about Punxsutawney Phil, Sun Prairie Jimmy, Staten Island Chuck or Dunkirk Dave, but Biskupic Bob always looks a little bewildered when we trot him out each year.

“Again?” he rolls his eyes when we haul him out of the closet for his annual photo shoot.

This year, we tempted him with a Kwik Trip doughnut and a Burger King Crown, hoping he’d stick around and regale us with descriptions of the beautiful, early spring we’ll enjoy.

But he just kind of stared balefully, and counted the hours until we could tuck him away. Then, he squinted because that fickle Wisconsin sun that had abandoned us all winter, finally showed up, just in time to make a big, ole, depressing shadow.

“You could try,” I whispered. “You only have to do it once a year. You could lean in a little.”

Maybe we’re doing it wrong. It might be too much to try to generate sunny optimism here in the prairie dog days of winter. Maybe six more weeks of winter is the best we can do.

It would be nice for the snowmobilers who work so hard grooming trails to be able to ride on them before spring. And I haven’t even gone ice skating once.

I also really want to try the Titletown sled hill and I want to build a snow man.

So, maybe this year, we could give all those groundhogs a break and enjoy winter like hearty Midwesterners should.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

(Not true but I’m trying.)

I took a walk Wednesday afternoon and all of the snowmen looked drunk.
I’ll bet they were hoping for an early spring too.
They’re probably thinking their work is done here.
And they’d like to thumpety thump thump on down to a beach.
But, no! This little guy had one job ONE JOB and he refuses to lean in. Maybe next year.

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