We became a family of YahooTubers this weekend, and I think our winter is going all downhill from here. I sure hope so, anyway.

First, my husband Vince had the swell idea to hook one of our river raft tubes up to his pickup truck and haul us through the woods that surround our cabin. We three passengers were a little skeptical, but we ended up having a great time gliding along in our cheesehead chariot, parade waving to all the animals we knew were cheering us on.

Then, we headed over to our third home, Lambeau Field, to check out the Ariens Sledding Hill. You have to be 42 inches tall to tube in the Titletown District, and one of us just cleared the measuring stick by a hair, so we were all quite relieved to find ourselves at the top of that hill. Well, to be fair, one of us was a little nervous and kept a steady stream of instructions flowing as we waited our turn.

“Hold on to the handles all the way down.”

“Sit in the middle of the tube and don’t move from there.”

“Watch out! That’s icy there!”

“Hey! Don’t eat that snow! That’s dirty!”

I thought the hill would be packed with people on such a glorious, sunny winter day. But, the guy corraling the tubes at the top of the hill said, ” No way.”

“On a day like today? Everyone wants to be ice fishing. That’s where my dad and my brother are,” he said. “They’re ice fishing on Shawano Lake.”

We had passed Shawano Lake on our way to Lambeau and we did note the crowds of ice fishermen. Still, I’d take snow tubing over ice fishing any day of the week.

Especially at Lambeau, where a handy conveyor belt hauls your tube back up to the top of the hill for you and the greatest stadium in the NFL forms a gorgeous backdrop.

I raced a seven-year old to the bottom on our first run, and we both hit the slow-down carpets grinning. We watched the rest of our party descend and then raced back to the top of the hill. The lines on Sunday were just long enough for people to catch their breath from the climb up, before they zoomed down again.

I’m not sure when I’m going to get back up to Green Bay to tube down that hill again, but I’d really like to try it at night.

In the meantime, we’ll content ourselves with the sled hill across the street from our house and, hopefully, a couple more spins through the woods in our cheesehead chariot.


We’ve floated down the river a million times in this trusty raft, but we’d never ridden through the woods in it. We weren’t sure how it would go, but we all ended up loving it. We’re officially a family of YahooTubers.
Next we took our act to Lambeau because I’ve been wanting to try out that sledding hill ever since they built it. (Note: The older I get, the bigger my sunglasses get. Next year, I’ll probably graduate to a full face shield.)
It’s a pretty cool sled hill view. I’d really like to try it at night.
The little guy on the right is the one who barely passed the height restrictions. “It’s a good thing you’ve been eating your vegetables,” the woman who scanned him said. He had a blast.
Two of our merry band of YahooTubers hit the carpeting at the bottom of the hill. Ya-Hoo!

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