Where troubles melt like lemons dropped

I’m not saying we live over the rainbow, but I have seen a number of bluebirds flying above the chimney tops here, and troubles that melt like lemons dropped into icy pitchers of pink lemonade.

I mean, really, is there anything sweeter than a lemonade stand on a warm summer afternoon? Or the smiling little entrepreneurs running them?

Or the little skateboarders, scooter riders and trikers lining up to score a sip?

I think not.

Lately, the ‘hood has been looking more and more like a Norman Rockwell painting. You round the corner and a chalk drawing beckons you like one of those old school Burma Shave signs.





So, naturally, you follow the arrows right to two of the cutest little vendors in all the land. You catch them just as it looks like they’re about to close up shop for the day.

“Do you have any lemonade left?” you ask (though lemonade is not your jam). 

“Well,” one responds. “We have this one!”

“But, maybe not,” says the other.

“We can’t guarantee that those haven’t been sipped,” explains her mother with a chuckle.

I didn’t mind at all that they’d run out of stock because my visit to their stand provided more sweet refreshment than a dozen glasses of lemonade. Also, when their moms said I could take their picture, the two munchkin managers happily obliged.

And, that wasn’t even my first trip to a lemonade stand that week.

We’re also regular customers at a pop-up stand up the street that features both pink and regular lemonade and serves it in extra cool glasses. The pint-sized proprietor encourages her clients to recycle, which we also really like.

A few blocks away, my friend Kathie hosts a Thirsty Thursdays lemonade stand with her grandchildren that always looks like a lively good time.

I’m going to add lemonade stands (and the cool old neighborhoods that host them) to the list of all the things I love about summer.

The sign caught my eye as I rounded the corner in front of my house.
So, I followed the little chalk billboards down the sidewalk.
They were nearly out of stock by the time I got there but I’m told my husband scored a cookie earlier in the day. Lucky guy!
We also frequent this lemonade stand just a few houses up the road. We enjoy the variety of lemonade, the cool, decorative glasses and…
…the encouragement to recycle.

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