Good morning vibes at the Wash Basket Laundromat

I had myself a morning yesterday, involving a broken washing machine, a deep-sleeping peanut who wet the bed and the resulting trip to the laundromat.

Did you know those commercial machines still require quarters?

I did not.

Did you know the change machines that produce the quarters you need don’t take $20 bills?

I did not.

So, in that just-after-dawn hour, with a truck full of smelly laundry and a head full of wild hair I forgot to comb, I made my way to a 24-hour grocery store, where I managed to secure a roll of quarters, a large bottle of Drano for a clogged upstairs tub and two lightbulbs for a ceiling fan that has been dark for some time because nobody told us ceiling fans require special light bulbs.

Feeling like a superhero whose only real power is sometimes remembering random things on her to-do list, I returned to the laundromat, which was still completely empty and smelled really clean and fresh.

How bad could this be?

I didn’t even mind that drier N-7 ate several of my quarters. I stood there, mesmerized by all those spinning clothes and the soothing hum of four large capacity machines.

At one point, a retired teacher who had known several of my kids, popped in to stuff a quilt in the washer, and he chatted with me as I folded my clothes. It crossed my mind that I probably should feel awkward conversing with a near-stranger while I fold my family’s skivvies, but I’d fought hard to achieve my laundromat zen and I didn’t want to lose it. I pretended I didn’t notice him pretending not to notice the unmentionables.

As I organized my stuff, a woman came in with a bag full of laundry. 

“Do these change machines not take $20 bills?” she asked.

“No, they don’t,” I said, in a weirdly apologetic way suggesting a relationship to the laundromat that did not exist.

“Is there a manager here?”

“Sorry, I don’t think so. I think I’m the only one here.”

“Is there a place nearby where I can get change?”

Listen, the part for my broken washing machine is supposed to be in by Thursday, at which point the very friendly repairman who came to my house last Monday should be able to get my laundry room back up and running.

I enjoyed my early morning run to the laundromat, but I don’t think I will need to make it a habit. I also have a difficult relationship with quarters. They weigh me down and are never really around when I need them.

“Take these,” I said. And I gave her the rest of my roll.

I really hope I won’t need them again.

Early morning Laura became one with those washing machines. (Next-day Laura is going to regret posting this picture.)
I think the hum of those four driers hypnotized me. I kept my zen feeling of peace, oneness and enlightenment all day.
All in all, it wasn’t a bad place to kick off a Tuesday morning in July.

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  1. JJ’s on College just before Badger has an attendant and a mchine where you can load a swipeable card with $ using your credit card. For future reference if you have no quarters. I was just there getting my zen on.

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