Let’s live like Wisconsin in October

Let’s live like Wisconsin in October

and let the sun light us with unabashed glee

even as winter looms.

Let’s wink and shimmy our russet leaves,

hoist them high and proud and then

let them fall without regret.

Let’s keep our rustic roads all spruced up

so they’re always ready

to welcome wanderers.

And, when night falls too soon,

let’s end our day

with a glorious sunset

and celebrate

the harvest moon.

Even in the waning days of her color season, Wisconsin is beautiful. (I like how this car looks like it’s about to drive into the sky.)
Wisconsin moves through the seasons with beauty and grace.
And keeps even the rustic roads all spruced up.
I like to think all Wisconsin roads lead wanderers home.
It wasn’t our best color season this year, but the Wisconsin landscape still looks beautiful.
The shadow of winter encroaching from the southside of the river, autumn holding on from the north.
I like the way Wisconsin shimmies its leaves just as proudly when the color starts to fade.

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