The Munnsters

If you want to experience the best parts of Halloween — creativity, spookiness, community and fun — stoll past the Munns’ house on an October evening.

You’ll find an homage to almost every Halloween tale in a home packed from roof to floor with clever creepiness including Chucky, Jason and a girl on a swing that reminded me of an incredibly scary movie I watched when I was way too young called Daughter of the Mind. That movie has haunted me every since.

Randy Munns started building his Halloween display as a tribute to his late father.

“He loved decorating for the Fourth of July and Halloween,” Randy said. “So, I wanted to continue the tradition. It’s something we can do for the community to give a little something back.”

Randy’s wife Cindy makes almost all of the displays and they are remarkable. You can visit during the day to get a good look at all the intricate details. Then, come back at night for a completely different look.

On weekend nights and Halloween, the display includes live actors. (It also included a live actor on Saturday afternoon when I stood there admiring the scene, turned away as an electronic display caught my eye, and then looked back to find that the Jason “Mannequin” had moved to another spot in the yard.

Broad daylight, I’m a grown woman and it still freaked me out.

Randy and Cindy had nearly 600 visitors on Halloween last year, tracked by the amount of candy they gave out that night. They expect at least that many again this year.

You can visit on that festive night, or swing past anytime between now and then. The house is located at 412 East Tallgrass in Appleton.

I’m going to let the pictures tell the story of this cool Halloween gift to the community.

I’ll be back.


The elctronic features and moving pieces of all these displays are really impressive…and freaky. That girl on the swing reminded me of Mary, the ghost character in Daughter of the Mind. I had to come home from a sleepover in the middle of the night after seeing that movie. In my defense I was only five and there was no way my parents would have let me see that thing.
I’m not going to spoil any surprises, but at least one of the displays in this picture contains an actual human.
The Munnsters know how to celebrate Halloween.
Nightmare on Tallgrass Street.
This guy has all sorts of stuff to say.
Note the window over Jason’s right shoulder. Also…keep your eye on Jason.
I suggest both a day and a night trip. You can see more details during the day, and you can scare yourself more at night.
Beetlejuice and, oh look! Jason has moved. (Keep your eye on that coffin if you go on Halloween.)
Well, hello there! Just a little pop up clown.
Most of these displays are handmaid by Cindy.
I thought this young fellow was very brave. He went past the display twice!
Ghosts and Goblins and Skeletons. Oh my!
I took this picture last friday as they were setting the displays.
They still had a lot more they to do, but you can see the windows and the start of all the mannequin displays.

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