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“Only by pairing knowledge with experience will art evolve,” said French composer Hertor Berlioz.

I’m not sure if my son Vinnie and daughter in-law Danni have heard this quote, but I know they’re living it. They recently launched a website announcing their business, Paired Experiences, in which they offer wine classes and mixology workshops, multi-course paired dinners and travel consultations.

The business grew out of their shared passion for good wine, food and the right atmosphere in which to enjoy it and they’ve spent the last few years developing the skills and experiences they need. In 2018, they took a camper van tour through the wine vineyards of New Zealand, followed by their 2020 bike ride from Seattle to Los Angeles. They spent most of the pandemic working remotely and traveling around the country from Texas along the coast to Maine.

They’re also level one sommerliers and have a combined 15 years of experience working in restaurants, bakeries, country clubs, catering and vinyards.

What they’re offering is an opportunity to help you create experiences for your friends and family. They can help you plan events, they will host wine tastings, dinner parties, corporate gatherings, or any other event you might have an idea about and need help pulling together.

Some of their suggestions include a margarita night with friends, or a corporate team happy hour. They also have great travel tips and good advice for any adventures you might be considering.

They’ll be around Appleton for next week (woo hoo!) and for a little while after, so if you have any questions they’d be happy to answer them.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to our own paired experience with them and I can’t wait for a lot of laughter and tasty treats.

This shot is from their wedding 2019 wedding (the last time our whole family got together…until next week. Can’t Wait!)
They can explain their business much better than I can, but you can check out their website to learn more.
I’m definitely going to ask them to whip me up one of these when they get here.

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