Delicious good-byes

While it is true that, as a family, we say good-bye to each other more than most, it is also true that we treasure each moment we spend together. And, as evidenced by a recent meal we shared, our good-byes can be delicious.

With Paired Experiences heading off on another cool, global adventure, we uncharacteristically capped off our Mile of Music weekend by hosting a gourmet feast. (Normally we gobble street food during the festival because we don’t want to miss any music). However, our tastebuds rejoice when Vinnie, Danni and Molly are all in the house and we don’t like to miss those opportunities either.

Vinnie grilled us a Croatian-inspired leg of lamb with a fusion chim-chiminey-chim-chim-cheree sauce. (I started calling it that when they first began making it and everyone got tired of correcting me because I’d just sing in response. So, now the name has stuck. I see you, Dick Van Dyke and I salute you without shame.)

To go with all that cheerful goodness, they also made an Ajvar sauce and Molly whipped up some handmade grilled pitas. I leaned in hard with a tossed salad and the same roasted cauliflower I make almost every night. Together, each item made for a beautiful plate.

Danni and Vinnie generously shared a bottle of Croatian wine they’d received for a Christmas present from their Aunt Carol and Uncle John, and we all dug in. Zivjeli!

It wasn’t as crowded as I normally like it to be, but Grandma Mary Jane’s dining room table still swelled with the joy of a lingering Sunday dinner and she and I have always loved that.

As you contemplate sending people off on their adventures this fall, I hope you’re able to do it deliciously. I look forward to welcoming them all back again and I’d like to think the hellos will be even tastier than the good-byes.

It wasn’t the most crowded table of the summer, but it sure was delicious.
And we were thrilled to have family in town for Mile of Music, including my sister Kathy and Vince’s sister Donna.
The Vinnies enjoyed a Hillary Reynolds set at the Knuth-sponsored Stone Arch Cellar stage.
It sure was good to have my Mile of Music buddy in town for the weekend.
We’ve been big fans since Mile One.
And, it was also good to have these two home at various times throughout the pandemic. What a gift! It will be fun to follow their next adventures as well.

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