Best. Mom. Ever.

I gave my son a T-shirt for his birthday because I thought it was cute.

He’s a 34-year old man who lives and works in New York City so you’d think his options for wearing cute T-shirts might be somewhat limited.

But, I don’t care. I just wanted him to know I thought he was the “Best. Charlie. Ever.”

Because he is.

“I already know you think that,” he said when he called to thank me for the gift.

He’s a good kid, though. So, he wore the shirt I gave him to the gym yesterday.

And then this happened:

“Back in NYC and having a great workout so far, sporting the shirt Mom gave me for my birthday,” he texted us on our family chain. “The older British gym manager just came up to me laughing saying that in England Charlie is slang for cocaine and to see this shirt at a gym at 6 a.m. gave him a huge laugh. Ha ha.”

I’m mortified.

And, I’m really glad I never sent my mother in-law a T-shirt because she would have worn it proudly too.

Her name was Mary Jane.

And, you know what? She was the best ever too.

There’s no better Charlie, I promise. (No better Mary Jane either)
Subtle, right?

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