Happy #MakingLifeBeautiful Day!

You can find a hashtag holiday for almost any occasion, but I think my favorite might be today.

Happy #MakingLifeBeautiful Day, designed to celebrate anyone who makes life beautiful.

That, my friends, means you.

Happy #MakingLifeBeautiful Day to my friend Rose, who rescued a turtle and sat still enough to handfeed some hummingbirds, all on this past Tuesday. Rose is also hilarious and one of my favorite Instagrammers.

To my friend Connie, who at 92-years old probably shouldn’t be sitting outside in 92-degree weather, but she’s too social to stay indoors. Connie called me yesterday to let me know that strawberries are ripe for the picking and she had some for me if I wanted to stop by.

To my friend Georgia and her take-all-comers swimming pool, which saved summer for us last year and is making it mighty pleasant again this year. Thanks for making life beautiful, friend.

To my sister in-law Nancy, who is elegantly dressed for any occasion and always happy to help make the world more beautiful by connecting people and treasures. Happy birthday Nancy!

To Vince Lombardi, who shares a birthday with my sister in-law Nancy, which is cool enough, but who also made life in general and winters in particular way cooler for those of us living here in Wisconsin. Rest in peace and glory, Coach and thanks for making our stadium more beautiful with all those championship banners.

To my friend Jill for bringing me flowers on her birthday. I have no words for that level of kindness. Thanks for being the classy half of our Saturday morning walks. And to our buddies Trish and Hsing-Yi. Thanks for all these years of beautiful friendship, ladies.

To the car in front of me yesterday on Wisconsin Avenue. I love your “WA1K ON” license plate because it made me smile and I spent the rest of the day with “You’ll Never Walk Alone” stuck in my head, which is a pretty sweet tune in any season. Thanks, man, for making my headspace more beautiful.

To my daughter Katherine and her comedy partner Leah, Pure & Weary as we know them. They celebrated their deep bond by getting matching tattoos. I love their choice because “&” is full of optimism. Thanks for celebrating beautiful opportunities.

To my husband Vince, who, as it turns out, is a talented cricket wrangler. Thanks for helping me keep our gecko alive and making our family life more beautiful.

To my family, every darn one of you. You’re all beautiful and that’s the truth.

See that hummingbird feeder on my friend Rose’s hand? Only she would attempt to sit still enough to hand feed them. She could probably sing “Tuppence a bag” while she’s doing it too.
Come on! How cute are these two AND their tattoos? Making the world more beautiful and funnier every day.
My friend Jill dropped these flowers off for me. Her birthday is today too, another reason June 11 is a perfect day to celebrate #Makinglifebeautiful
Vince Lombardi made life more beautiful (and maybe challenging too) for my dad and his teammates. Happy birthday Coach Lombardi!
I loved this license plate. It set my mood for the whole day.
Happy birthday to my elegant sister in-law Nancy!
Well, you had to know I’d love this hashtag holiday. You are beautiful, friends. And don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

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