The emblem of the land I love

Appleton honored the American Flag Saturday afternoon with a parade fit for that 245-year old icon of liberty and justice.

A fresh breeze blew through town as the parade kicked off and that’s what the celebration felt like, a fresh start.

It’s been a rough stretch for Old Glory and all of the people it represents.

Fortunately, our flag is as resilient as our country.

I’ve seen that flag waving merrily from the end of a wooden stick held by a toddler’s tender hand; rising in triumph on 9/12; lowered respectfully during sunset at summer camp; presented solemnly to a veteran’s widow; offered symbolically to a newly official U.S. citizen.

I’ve also seen it burned, torn, spit on, hung upside down.

We aren’t a nation in distress, though, we are a nation in democracy and that flag represents us all.

It even stands for the people who don’t stand for it.

Those stars and stripes represent the kind of freedom that allows dissent, honest and occasionally fiery debate, and evolution. No country is perfect and neither is ours. 

But, I believe we’re getting better and stronger every day.

And I’m very proud to hang that flag today.

Happy Flag Day, America!

Canceled last year due to the pandemic, Appleton’s Flag Day parade returned this year in all its Old FGlory.
I once got to hold the American flag (and wear my Packer green and gold) during the national anthem in Miami.
To take a picture or not to take a picture? I waited until just after the anthem to take this quick shot and was amused to see it captured one fan waving the 100 season flag and another waving a beer can. Seemed about right for the evening.
Happy Flag Day, America!

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